Writing a Sci-Fi Web Series Like a Pro

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Sci-Fi isn’t just limited to movies and books, a sci-fi web series is completely justifiable. The genre of science-fiction is unique because it features a whole new world straight from an author’s imagination. Yet, we the audience somehow still magically perceive that world as a new reality. For instance, we don’t have any difficulties accepting the world of machines when we watch the Terminator series. But this magical perceiving process is not done by accident. To be writing a sci-fi web series like a pro, you’ll need to write with concrete details and have a solid logic behind the story.

When writing your sci-fi series, the audience will need sufficient amount of information to fully understand and be engaged in the story. Therefore, it is essential to set where and when the story is taking place. The writer should think about the backstory of the scenario and should feel comfortable to be inside it so that it can effectively delivered to the audience as well.

In addition to the timeframe and location settings, the story should possess a strong logic on how the virtual world will work in the movie. It should show the main rule in the world so that audiences can get a grasp of how and what is happening. For instance, the movie In Time (2011) has a rule of using time as a currency. The story is adapted to make this real to the audience, and the audience accepts this to understand that time will be the medium that everybody will fight for. In writing a sci-fi web series like a pro, this is a key thing to understand.

Setting a concrete backstory is a fundamental step to write a sci-fi script and establishing a rule within the story will help engaging the audience to your film. So make sure you invest plenty amount of time to think about them before you introduce your world to the real world!

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