Using YouTube For Business: Building Your Channel

Posted on: by Michael Tringe

Building your YouTube Channel into a business is just like starting any other small business. Look at how many people are doing it already and succeeding.

I recently read a story about a famous YouTuber who does what he loves all day while making a five-digit annual salary. This wasn’t an infomercial scam or an exaggerated claim either. I don’t know about you but I would love to have that kind of life. That’s why CreatorUp, much like every other small business out there, is so vital – they are that first step to get you to where you want to go as a creative individual and as a business strategist.

Learning the YouTube biz will unlock doors for you that you didn’t know existed, and it all starts with the basics like Writing to Sponsors, consistency, utilizing annotations and other YouTube features, etc.

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How to Build a YouTube Channel into a Business

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Written by Michael Tringe

Mike Tringe earned his MFA in Film Production from USC and has worked at Creative Artists Agency Film Sales (Paranormal Activity, Black Swan), Vuguru, Michael Eisner's multi-platform studio, (The Booth at the End (Hulu), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Snag), Little Women Big Cars (AOL), and Blip Networks (300 million monthly views, Smosh, Annoying Orange, Nostalgia Critic).

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