Two Bits of Advice to Be Confident On Camera

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Keeping a cool head on camera is no easy feat. For anyone. In order to prove to the audience that you can do this, you need to prepare ahead of time to get your goals accomplished.

The Right Mindset – It is absolutely essential that you go into your shoot with the right attitude and frame of mind. Any person with experience on camera will tell you the same thing. In the end, the goal is to connect to your audience, and the best way to do that is to simply be yourself. You may believe that there are certain personas or parameters that could help you be confident on camera, making you a more successful host. You’d be wrong. The best hosts are the ones that lead the discussion by being themselves. Look at Oprah for example. Her entire brand stems from her personality, values and experiences. People swear by her as a life guru because she is genuine.

It may feel awkward when you take that first step to connect to your audience because it is hard to convey emotion when speaking to a little, cold, mechanical camera. You may hit snags until you adapt to speaking to an inanimate object. Just keep in mind to be natural and everything else will come with time.

Observation – One pillar of your on-camera success is examining how you behave off camera (during normal conversation with friends, colleagues, peers, etc.) and replicating that with your on-screen self. Your viewers want you to be confident on camera because if they like you, they will want to see you again. Things change when you become aware of your speaking self. Your tone can shift, your inflexions may differ, and your body language might alter as well. You should spend time learning your naturalness so that you won’t have to think about how to speak on camera – it will just come to you. One way to help yourself be confident on camera is to spike up your energy before each shoot. Get your creative juices flowing and a natural, relaxed presence will soon be second nature to you.

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