The Key to Honing Your Social Media to Grow Customers

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What pisses you off the most about retail, online shopping, or company reputation? For me, nothing grinds my gears more than crappy customer service. Especially for your business, social media is a two-way conversation that you can’t afford to miss out on. Using your social media to grow customers should hands-down be one of your top priorities.

Good customer service is good PR. People want to have instant access (and instant response from) where they choose to spend their money. Your social media “Rules of Engagement” can ultimately help or hinder how consumers think and feel about what you offer.

Using social media to grow customers means understanding that you can’t take a day off from your social media presence. At least retweet or like a comment if you can’t give a personalized reply, but do anything you can to avoid impersonal, cookie-cutter responses that your consumers will see right through. Not putting in the time on your end will make them feel disrespected, undervalued, and like they can get more attention somewhere else.

At some point you are going to have to deal with customer complaints. Don’t fret though, because this is where your brand’s authenticity can shine through to solidify that customer loyalty you so desperately crave. How you engage them (and how often) makes you better able to handle the complaints with care. It’s a good practice to encourage private, direct contact after the complaint has been brought up to get it off of your public channel. Using social media to grow customers won’t work if they can see everything that has ever gone wrong with your business. You should always be as honest and upfront as possible. Be human. They will love it.

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