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CreatorUp is excited to announce our first live lab workshop in LA!

Whether you’re an actor, musician, filmmaker, writer, dancer, or animator — the digital world is an exciting new space to expose your projects and retain ownership of them.

CreatorUp focuses on helping new creators learn how to break into digital.  Our first live workshop will highlight successful strategies of digital content creators who have gained grassroots exposure to build their personal brands online.  We’ll cover branding, production, marketing, and the business of digital video on YouTube.  Join CreatorUp teachers in a collaborative live workshop in LA to learn about effective ways to use the web to help you reach your audience directly to build your brand online.

Our teachers covered all facets of building a business with your art, including:  Designing Your Brand, Building Your YouTube Channel as a Business, Producing Video Content, Web Marketing to Grow Your Audience Organically, and Planning for Financial Freedom.

Building Your Own YouTube Channel as a Business
Have you a got YouTube channel that you want to take to the next level?  Learn how to turn your channel into a business from Mitchel Dumlao, who runs a B-Boy channel on YouTube with 30M Views.

Watch Mitchel’s Full Course on YouTube Biz

Marketing and Promoting Your Brand Organically on the Web
Need to find the audience for your new project? Learn how to get your first 10,000 views from Brian Rodda of Brian Rodda Consulting and the marketing mind behind the original hit web series “Squaresville” and “Husbands.”

Watch Brian’s Full Course on Video Marketing

Producing Your Own Web Video Content on a Budget
Need help producing your web series or video campaign?  Learn how to practically produce it from Steven Wasserman and Victor Solis, co-creators of the Generic Girl web series.

Watch Victor & Steven’s Course on Production Planning

Designing Your Personal Brand for the Web
Have you produced a lot of digital content, but still need a unifying brand? Learn how to design a brand that matches your artistic identity from Matt Manos of verynice design, a design & innovation consultancy that dedicates over 50% of its efforts toward pro bono.

A bit more about our co-sponsors:

Harvardwood was created in 1999 by three Harvardians: producer Stacy Cohen, film/TV executive Adam Fratto, and then-student Mia Riverton.  Harvardwood is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization for Harvard University alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends working or strongly interested in the arts, media and entertainment.  The purpose of Harvardwood is to provide information, resources and professional opportunities for our members, while also endeavoring to strengthen ties among the arts, media, entertainment and education for our members and the broader community.

Ameriprise the mission of our Community Relations program is: using our resources and talents to improve the lives of individuals and build strong communities. We believe our community involvement enables us to actively live our company’s values and communicate the spirit of our brand.

A bit more about the place:  

Hub LA is about the power of people taking action for a better world. We are a new kind of membership club dedicated to the individuals and teams building the local, sustainable economy in Los Angeles and beyond. Anchored by a physical place in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown LA, the Hub offers members access to 4,000 square feet of creative industrial space to work, meet, learn, collaborate, and play; a curated community of values-aligned individuals and companies; and custom programming and events focused on personal and professional development. We combine the best of a cafe, innovation lab, business accelerator, serviced office, and community center to create a place for meaningful encounters, productive work sessions, exchange and inspiration all with the ambition to spur social innovation.

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Written by Michael Tringe

Mike Tringe earned his MFA in Film Production from USC and has worked at Creative Artists Agency Film Sales (Paranormal Activity, Black Swan), Vuguru, Michael Eisner's multi-platform studio, (The Booth at the End (Hulu), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Snag), Little Women Big Cars (AOL), and Blip Networks (300 million monthly views, Smosh, Annoying Orange, Nostalgia Critic).

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