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Making a Music Video and Editing a Rough Cut

Making a music video can be challenging, but when you click “export” on your final project file, the feeling of triumph will make it worthwhile. In this post, we will be focusing on editing. More specifically, we will begin by making a rough cut. A rough cut is a basic draft of your project and will be your first glimpse into what your project will look like when it reaches completion. (more…)

4 Steps on How to Make Your Own Movie

4 Steps on How to make Your Own Movie

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any movie you’ve ever seen (outside of those 24-hour festivals, that is). If you want to make your own movie in a certain amount of time there are things you need to do on set to make that happen. These 4 steps will help get you there and back lickety-split: (more…)

3 Tips on How to Make Movies with a Performance Punch

3 Tips on How to Make Movies with a Performance Punch

Working with your actors on set is something that comes with time. It’s always important to know the basics, especially if you’re new to filmmaking and want to learn how to make movies the right way. Your actors the lifeblood of your work and treating them with respect and creative feedback should be a top priority. (more…)

How to Make Movies and Conquer any Challenge

How to Make Movies and Conquer any Challenge

Sometimes a writer’s imagination can freak the producer out when they see the script, but that doesn’t mean the movie will be impossible. If you wear both hats then you have a great opportunity to blow everyone out of the water. You will need to balance your creative aspirations with your realistic ability. It isn’t as scary as it seems! (more…)

The First Step of How to Make a Short Film

The First Step of How to Make a Short Film

By now the phrase, “taking pen to paper” can be replaced with “taking finger to key,” but the writing process remains the same for how to make a short film. You can’t start without first locking down who and what will be in it. This process is loved by many and rued by some, all depending on whether or not they tackle it in a way that works. (more…)

How to Make an Animation and Add Details

So you want to make an animation? The process is simple, but can be very time consuming. This lesson is all about the details. You’re finally getting down to the nitty gritty and separating your animated graphic from the rest of the pack. Hopefully, you’ve taken the necessary steps leading up to this point. If you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown. First, brainstorm and conceive an idea of what you want to make an animation about. Second, sketch out your ideas and focus on the larger elements of your graphic. If you’ve already done those two things, then congratulations— let’s get to work! (more…)

How to Make Animated Gifs and Graphics to Completion

Have you finished creating an animated graphic? You’ve come up with an idea, started a sketch and added tons of details that set your project apart from all the others? If so, congratulations! You’ve done something that many strive to do, but little have the patience for. But let’s talk about that graphic— is it really done? Do you really know how to make animated gifs, graphics or animations to absolute completion? Or are you ending the process without truly finishing? (more…)

How to Make Animated Graphics

Are you a creative person interested in learning how to make animated graphics? Whether you’re doing it just for fun, or you’re working with others in order to create a larger-scale project, it’s important to understand the process that most artists use in order to construct a graphic that is professional and efficient. In this lesson, we focus on the preliminary aspects of design, and by doing so, you’ll learn how to make animated graphics of your very own. (more…)

How I Learned to Tell My Story

I always doubted that I could successfully tell my story. When taking the storytelling course through CreatorUp, I learned that I wasn’t alone. Michael Kass often works with clients who say, “I don’t know how to tell my story. Where would I even start? I wouldn’t know how to begin, let alone end my story.” Once the client has finished confessing their skepticism, Michael calmly points out, “You’re telling me a story right now.” (more…)


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