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What if Taco Bell Sold TVs? An Interview with Vine Comedian Victor Pope Jr.

Since it first started, Vine has been an interesting outlet for creators: create something with only six seconds. The result has produced some amazing content like, most notably, comedy. Comedians such as Bo Burnham, Will Sasso, and Chris D’Elia have all utilized Vine at one point.  The app has come and go in terms of popularity, but if anything, Vine contains a vault of hidden treasures. The quick-format has challenged creators to be original and stand-out. Creators can tell a joke just by having a conversation…with themselves. Instead of an expensive camera, gathering friends as actors, and a written script, people are simply using their phones and themselves. One Vine features a customer asking the waiter to send his compliments to the chef, only having the waiter give the chef a literal compliment. With one guy playing three characters (and we only know he’s the chef when he puts a towel on his head and holds a spatula), he’s generated close to 5 million loops on that one Vine alone. Meet stand-up comedian Victor Pope Jr. His perfectly-timed punch lines, his deadpan characters, and his popular “Taco Bell Employee” meetings have put him on the Vine radar with 317.3K followers, and he’s even been recognized on Buzzfeed. The Texas-based comedian was super cool enough to let me interview him to find out how he’s managed to become one of the funniest Vine comedians out there right now, and the secrets as to why his simply made Vines produce a not-so-simply sized audience.  (more…)


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