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30% of the Way to Your Crowdfund Marketing Goal

30% of the Way to Your Crowdfund Marketing Goal

One useful idea that we haven’t discussed yet is actually raising money before you launch your campaign. While we have emphasized the importance of your all-encompassing first impression, it helps to have the numbers already there to back it up. Which is more impressive, a campaign that has no sponsors? Or one that already has 30% or more of its target goal? This is a good number to try and hit because its not impossible by any means and it carries a solid heft when potential donors hear it. (more…)

4 Ways to Start Crowdfunding for Startups

30% of the Way to Your Crowdfund Marketing Goal

Startups are a special breed. In my opinion there is no other part of the industry where an entrepreneurial project can establish a career so successfully. Your Startup project’s campaign is an extension of what it stands for as a brand, and one important part of a brand is who knows about it. (more…)

Crowdfunding Marketing and Working That Phone

Crowdfunding Marketing and Working That Phone

Once you have your perfected pitch squared away, the next step to focus on is how you’re going to raise money in an effective and, most importantly, personal way. As a startup, your individual brand can be your biggest asset unlike many of the larger, faceless corporations in the industry today. (more…)

How to Get Sponsors without Selling Out

Whether you are a filmmaker, YouTuber, or all around awesome person – you might be looking for sponsors to help you fund what you do. But how can you find the right sponsors that align with the mission and values of what you’re doing – in other words, how can you get your projects paid for without selling out to your fans? (more…)

How to Get Followers on Instagram Who Care About You

CreatorUp Instagram

The first time I heard about Instagram, it was from my friend Lori who couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything. “What do you like so much about it?!” I asked. “When strangers like my pictures!” she said. Instagram has the power to connect us through the things that we like to look at – but how do you get followers on Instagram who care about you? (more…)

Crowdfunding Certification Program – Syllabus

CrowdFunding Certification Badge

Crowdfunding is a creative endeavor. The CreatorUp crowdfunding certification program is designed to empower anyone to develop an effective crowdfunding campaign strategy through teaching mastery of four key creative areas: campaign planning, creating a compelling story, making a shareable video that drives pledges, and marketing a crowdfunding campaign. (more…)

Branded Content Certification Program | Syllabus

Branded Content Certification Program

As content creators begin developing their own relationships with brands to monetize their own original videos or create content specifically for bigger clients, it is essential that creators understand what it takes to develop high quality content that is attractive to brands and advertisers. It’s also important to learn best practices about how to create the content efficiently and effectively, while working with the brand or advertiser as a creative client. (more…)


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