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CreatorUp Branded Content Accelerator – Winter Programs


CreatorUp is excited to announce its third branded content accelerator program in collaboration with Zooppa – where creators have the chance to work directly with an entertainment professional teacher and each other to make awesome branded content commercial projects for big established brands like Pabst Blue Ribbon and our indie track highlighting new startups FreshStax, and Waitlistr. (more…)

My VidCon Experience: Seeing Through the Crowds


Being involved with VidCon was an eye-opening experience. When you first enter, it mostly seems like teenage fans flocking to their favorite YouTube star.  However there is more to VidCon than just the adoring fans and the YouTube sensations. It’s about engaging in this exciting and different community. There are people from all walks of life that go for the amazing workshops VidCon has to offer. One of these panels was the Creating Awesome Content. (more…)

CreatorUp – The Digital Storytelling Academy


Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe how far we’ve come in just the last couple years from our first four video tutorial courses on making web series as an online film school, to certification programs and a full digital entertainment curriculum of over 30 courses and 6 live classes as a digital storytelling academy. If you don’t know much about us, I’m excited to share everything we have to offer creative people all over the world, and some exciting new announcements. (more…)

Get Confident on Camera in a Flash

Get Confident on Camera in a Flash

Your ability to be confident on camera results from how much you have prepared for each shoot you do. Over time you will develop your flow and your on-camera persona will be a genuine reflection of your personality. Until then, here are some tips to get you started: (more…)

30% of the Way to Your Crowdfund Marketing Goal

30% of the Way to Your Crowdfund Marketing Goal

One useful idea that we haven’t discussed yet is actually raising money before you launch your campaign. While we have emphasized the importance of your all-encompassing first impression, it helps to have the numbers already there to back it up. Which is more impressive, a campaign that has no sponsors? Or one that already has 30% or more of its target goal? This is a good number to try and hit because its not impossible by any means and it carries a solid heft when potential donors hear it. (more…)

4 Ways to Start Crowdfunding for Startups

30% of the Way to Your Crowdfund Marketing Goal

Startups are a special breed. In my opinion there is no other part of the industry where an entrepreneurial project can establish a career so successfully. Your Startup project’s campaign is an extension of what it stands for as a brand, and one important part of a brand is who knows about it. (more…)

Crowdfunding Marketing and Working That Phone

Crowdfunding Marketing and Working That Phone

Once you have your perfected pitch squared away, the next step to focus on is how you’re going to raise money in an effective and, most importantly, personal way. As a startup, your individual brand can be your biggest asset unlike many of the larger, faceless corporations in the industry today. (more…)

Stand Out When Crowdfunding for Business

Stand Out When Crowdfunding for Business

Think of your crowdfunding campaign like how you would go about a college or job application. You want to prove to everyone else that your project is the best of the best – that it’s the one that they should put their hard-earned money into. How do you do that, you may ask? These three steps will set you off in the right direction and help you develop your plan from the get-go: (more…)

How to Make a Lip Sync Music Video for Youtube

Have you mastered the art of making a music video? You’ve started your journey by typing, “how to make a lip sync music video” into Google and now, look at you! You’re exporting your final project. So, what’s the next step? It’s time to get your video out into the world. Let’s head over to Youtube! (more…)

Making a Music Video and Editing a Rough Cut

Making a music video can be challenging, but when you click “export” on your final project file, the feeling of triumph will make it worthwhile. In this post, we will be focusing on editing. More specifically, we will begin by making a rough cut. A rough cut is a basic draft of your project and will be your first glimpse into what your project will look like when it reaches completion. (more…)

Learn How to Make Your Own Music Video

make your own music video

So you’ve set out to make your own music video? The task sounds pretty fun— but be careful! A lot of work goes into creating a quality video that makes audiences want to get up and dance along. Since you’re taking this step, that probably means that you derive a lot of inspiration from music. You’re not alone. Music inspires millions of people around the world. A great music video serves as a great companion to a hit song. With a little work, you’ll be well on your way to making a viral video that’ll make your favorite artist proud! (more…)

Writing a Pitch Sheet for a Successful Web Series

successful web series

So you’ve been dreaming about creating a successful web series for awhile now, haven’t you? With a bit of hard work, you finally took that idea that’s been nagging you for the past few months and transformed it into a polished, finished script. You’ve sacrificed some sleep in the process, pulled out some hair and maybe drank a bit too much coffee, but it’s done. Congratulations. You’ve made it further than many, who sadly get lost in the writing process and give up before they see the finish line. (more…)

Learning How to Make a Web Series

how to make a web series

Do you have an idea marinating in your head that you’d love to turn into a web series that hundreds, even thousands, tune into on a weekly basis? With the growing power of online media, the internet truly is becoming a fantastic place to get your content seen by hundreds of new eyes every day. Regardless of what the true goal of your web series is (maybe it’s just for fun, or maybe you’re trying to drive viewers back to your website), it’s time to get specific, targeted and strategic! Learning how to make a web series will take some hard work, but we have faith in you! (more…)

4 Steps on How to Make Your Own Movie

4 Steps on How to make Your Own Movie

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any movie you’ve ever seen (outside of those 24-hour festivals, that is). If you want to make your own movie in a certain amount of time there are things you need to do on set to make that happen. These 4 steps will help get you there and back lickety-split: (more…)


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