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Writing a Pitch Sheet for a Successful Web Series

successful web series

So you’ve been dreaming about creating a successful web series for awhile now, haven’t you? With a bit of hard work, you finally took that idea that’s been nagging you for the past few months and transformed it into a polished, finished script. You’ve sacrificed some sleep in the process, pulled out some hair and maybe drank a bit too much coffee, but it’s done. Congratulations. You’ve made it further than many, who sadly get lost in the writing process and give up before they see the finish line. (more…)

Learning How to Make a Web Series

how to make a web series

Do you have an idea marinating in your head that you’d love to turn into a web series that hundreds, even thousands, tune into on a weekly basis? With the growing power of online media, the internet truly is becoming a fantastic place to get your content seen by hundreds of new eyes every day. Regardless of what the true goal of your web series is (maybe it’s just for fun, or maybe you’re trying to drive viewers back to your website), it’s time to get specific, targeted and strategic! Learning how to make a web series will take some hard work, but we have faith in you! (more…)


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