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Tips for Running a Successful Kickstarter: Part 1 -By Guest Blogger Carlos M. Tovar of More Than Human

Crowdfunding has become such a wide open playing field that it’s important for independent filmmakers to study up and make sure we’re fully maximizing all the benefits of this new equalizing factor. We now have the ability to connect directly with a broad audience and pitch our original content without needing to go through a studio, financier or other “gatekeeper.” This presents enormous possibilities for an independent content creator. Here are my tips for running a successful Kickstarter. (more…)

Writing a Sci-Fi Web Series Like a Pro

Sci-Fi isn’t just limited to movies and books, a sci-fi web series is completely justifiable. The genre of science-fiction is unique because it features a whole new world straight from an author’s imagination. Yet, we the audience somehow still magically perceive that world as a new reality. For instance, we don’t have any difficulties accepting the world of machines when we watch the Terminator series. But this magical perceiving process is not done by accident. To be writing a sci-fi web series like a pro, you’ll need to write with concrete details and have a solid logic behind the story. (more…)

Raising That First 10,000 Views

So you want to obtain viewers for your channel. Isn’t that the point of YouTube? To make content, then have it watched? Some make videos for themselves or their friends or family. But some creators want more. You want to go above and beyond. You have made something that they feel needs to be seen by a wide-range of people. Only problem is, you don’t know 10,000 people. However social media can be used in raising that first 10,000 views, and perhaps more. (more…)

Become a Director of Digital Commercials

Being a director of anything can be extremely frightening, and digital commercials are no exception. To become a director of digital commercials, you have to be adept at overseeing your team, have a clear idea of your goals, and good time management. It is vital to have a clear idea of the path forward in order to enjoy the success of a well-done project. (more…)

How Kickstarting Can Connect with Customers – by Corie Bain


All of us love to hear the phrase, low risk, high reward, especially when referring to a business plan. New ideas can be exciting yet frightening because of the potential for rejection or failure. It is important to test whether or not an idea will spark interest in the market. If you use Kickstarter correctly, you can reap the benefits of a low risk, high reward launching process.  (more…)

Become a YouTube Tastemaker

Congrats! You now have that audience you wanted! You’ve got all these views, and now you’re realizing…wait…I’m doing all the filming, editing, writing, basically everything. I’m putting so much effort into this, why am I not making money? Well money is not going to magically come to you through the computer screen. If you can do everything for your YouTube channel, then you can sell your channel yourself too. It’s time to become a Youtube tastemaker.

CreatorUp – The Digital Storytelling Academy


Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe how far we’ve come in just the last couple years from our first four video tutorial courses on making web series as an online film school, to certification programs and a full digital entertainment curriculum of over 30 courses and 6 live classes as a digital storytelling academy. If you don’t know much about us, I’m excited to share everything we have to offer creative people all over the world, and some exciting new announcements. (more…)

Learn How to Make Your Own Music Video

make your own music video

So you’ve set out to make your own music video? The task sounds pretty fun— but be careful! A lot of work goes into creating a quality video that makes audiences want to get up and dance along. Since you’re taking this step, that probably means that you derive a lot of inspiration from music. You’re not alone. Music inspires millions of people around the world. A great music video serves as a great companion to a hit song. With a little work, you’ll be well on your way to making a viral video that’ll make your favorite artist proud! (more…)


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