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Writing a Sci-Fi Web Series Like a Pro

Sci-Fi isn’t just limited to movies and books, a sci-fi web series is completely justifiable. The genre of science-fiction is unique because it features a whole new world straight from an author’s imagination. Yet, we the audience somehow still magically perceive that world as a new reality. For instance, we don’t have any difficulties accepting the world of machines when we watch the Terminator series. But this magical perceiving process is not done by accident. To be writing a sci-fi web series like a pro, you’ll need to write with concrete details and have a solid logic behind the story. (more…)

3 Digital Media Elements Driving Learning Connections

digital media learning

I recently had the chance to attend the Digital Media Learning Conference 2015, and it was just as powerful and exciting as I had hoped it would be. The core theme, equity, underlined the necessity for digital media integration into educational experiences to create learning connections, ranging across areas including digital storytelling, coding and storytelling, and digital badging. (more…)

How I Learned to Tell My Story

I always doubted that I could successfully tell my story. When taking the storytelling course through CreatorUp, I learned that I wasn’t alone. Michael Kass often works with clients who say, “I don’t know how to tell my story. Where would I even start? I wouldn’t know how to begin, let alone end my story.” Once the client has finished confessing their skepticism, Michael calmly points out, “You’re telling me a story right now.” (more…)

Inspired by Thoughtfulness, Growth by Focus – Steve Pomerantz of Bertly

Steve Pomerantz

What is the story of your idea, and how does your story connect to the story and growth of your project or company? Steve Pomerantz is the founder of Bertly, a business gift curation service, and past co-founder of, a loan management tool that attacked the problem of $1.4B of student debt. He shares why he launched Bertly and how he helped launch at the first JuiceUp event in LA at HubLA– where entrepreneur friends share both their personal stories and key growth insights to educate and inspire each other. (more…)


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