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There are dozens of branches of storytelling— writing, film, even photography. One of the most difficult ways to tell a story, however, is in person.

It is important that we learn how to sit across from someone and convince them to invest in our project. Often times, the greatest writers and storytellers are terrible at storytelling in person. They enter a room with other people, try too hard to sell an idea, and immediately notice that people are beginning to tune them out.

But why does this happen? Michael offers us one potential reason— the storyteller is not being authentic. As an audience, we tune out what we perceive to be sales pitches. We find it easy to ignore people who aren’t bringing their full selves into the room, but instead, are putting on a front and trying to convince their audience that they are somebody that they’re not. Authenticity is of utmost importance when talking to an audience one on one.

Michael gives us a great tip. One way to boost our authenticity is by telling a story. Specifically, the story should be transparent and authentic to who we are. Storytelling has amazing potential to build authenticity because we are all human. Regardless of who has the power in the room, both you and your audience are human beings. If you can establish a connection on a human level, then your story will be successful and you’ll have the opportunity to enlist your audience into your cause.

Further along in the course, Michael plans to discuss authenticity to a greater extent. What is authentic? Where does the authenticity in your project or cause lie? How do we engage the audience right off the bat? By taking our class on storytelling, we aim to help you learn how to tell a story in an authentic way that captivates your audience, even in person.

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