Storytelling in Business

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Storytelling is important in all facets of business. Not only can it help build interpersonal relationships, but it can also help build a community.

In this clip, Michael Kass shares an interesting experience he had while discussing values with a client. Michael asked his client, “What is your company’s core set of values?” In response, the client shared a list of values, but quickly added that the list had been taken from Google. While her values were, in actuality, important values that any company could strive for, the list of values lacked true meaning because they weren’t being applied, but instead, stated. In response, Michael encouraged his client to use storytelling in business in order to discover and convey her company’s true set of values. Not only would this allow her to better understand her coworkers, but additionally, incorporating storytelling into her business could be an excellent marketing strategy.

But how could his client use storytelling successfully? Michael taught her to sit down with the members of her team and ask them to share a story. “What is an example of a time when your team was the most proud of the company?” By asking this, she had the potential to discover which values were the most important to her employees because, at the heart of each of their stories, there would be a value that each individual found the most memorable. The value could range from respect to attentiveness, but all of the stories would be important to her business because they could help communicate the company’s beliefs and goals.

This is just one example of how storytelling in business can be beneficial. Storytelling is a fantastic marketing strategy which can bring people together and inspire them to do their best. In our online course, we delve deeper into constructing a story. If you’re interested in more successful marketing strategies or how to benefit a business using storytelling, make sure you check out the rest of the online class for tips that will help you tell a great story.

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