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What would social media be like without our phones? Besides geotagging your new profile pic, its obvious that without staying up to date on our phones, the lack of urgency would reduce business’ effectiveness. The whole point is that people love stories. Between 140 character blurbs and using your phone’s built in camera you can make astounding content on your phone for your business.

Phones have the capacity to help you create beautiful looking photos and videos – just take a look at all of the iPhone-based photo competitions and Tumblr pages devoted to the craft. Social storytelling on-the-go uses the same tools you are already used to, which is the best part. What you have to learn is how to apply them in the most productive way.

Keep in mind that the content you decide to post has to be what the audience wants to see. Not you. If you love dogs and the ocean, that’s great, but it won’t help your flower shop unless you adjust the content to fit the demand. If you have a products-based business, you might want to invest in a professional digital camera and photo shoot to make sure they look their best. On the other hand, your phone can help you tackle a majority of the social storytelling grunt work you will have to get through.

Your updates shouldn’t be limited to either pictures or text though. Combine them to communicate more while saying less. Even go as far to edit the text copy right onto the picture using Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements if you want less expensive software). As long as your social storytelling fits your “fan filter,” you’re golden. There are countless opportunities to make good, engaging content for your consumers and inspiration is everywhere. Now, go out and get started.

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