Social Media Storytelling and the Right Channels to Use

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What’s worse than not knowing what to say for your business’ online accounts? Not knowing what to say across five or more websites that you’ve set up those accounts on. Don’t make that mistake. These websites, also known as “channels” are your first line of communication with your audience. Your social media storytelling abilities reflect your brand legitimacy and, in turn, your value to the consumer as a business.

Especially if you’re just starting out, social media storytelling only works if you know how to work the channels you update your customers through. You should really only stick with one or two and do them really well. Be sure to have enough of the right kind of content for your channels. An event-based business fits in better with the Twitter crowd while a visual-based business can find a home in Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube, if they have video content. Before committing to one channel vs. another, you need to know if it’s the right channel for what you want to accomplish.

Time and money. Both are wasted when you aren’t reaching your consumers as best as you could. Social media storytelling just as much a part of the business as the spreadsheets you use to organize everything, so optimize as early and effectively as possible – learn where to invest your time and money so that each post reaches who you want it to.

Your mission is to go out and explore all of the channels at your fingertips. The best way is to approach them one at a time and really get a feel for what each business is trying to accomplish there. Write down why you should start your social media profile there, and if you can’t come up with any legitimate reasons, move on to the next channel. Its as simple as that.

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