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If you’ve been running your crowdfunding campaign for a while, you’re probably just about out of breath – and wondering how you can inspire others if you are also feeling uninspired. Here’s a fresh breath of air.

Provide your current pledge backers and future ones with a simple one-pager outline on what your project is, and a few things that they can do to help. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be practical. For example, if you have a standard message that you would like others to post on various social media outlets, consider sharing that message in this document.

If you love our campaign, please share it on your Facebook page “Your amazing post and campaign link”


If you love our campaign, please tweet about it: “Your amazing tweet and campaign link”

In addition to utilizing the momentum of your current backers and providing them with a simple one-sheet helper, there are a few other things you can do to maximize the simplicity of your campaign, including streamlining the pledge process.

One example is – if you’re shipping something, be sure to include the cost of the shipping inside the campaign pledge. If you don’t, and you have to ask your backers to give you more so they can get what they pledged for, you run the risk of annoying your current backers instead of building upon their support.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, feel free to read the transcript of Justin’s video on crowdfunding tips here.

“Today I’m going to talk about how much noise do you need to make on social media before your launch your crowdfunding campaign. What kind of Facebook or Twitter presence do you need, or how big of an audience or a following do you need before you launch? The first thing that I mentioned was how much are you trying to raise? If you’re trying to raise $5K or $10K, that’s completely do-able from your own social circle if you work hard enough at it. But when you need to raise more than $10K, that’s when you need to start bringing in people who have never heard about you before. Or you need to have a big audience in advance, and the question is: how do you do that.

Obviously it’s better to have a following – but some people don’t have that. So that’s where you need to people who do, or people who can help spread your word for you. Reach out to journalists and people who have an audience so that they can write about you and your campaign. And as many as you can line up in advance is great. There’s a great article on Tim Feriss’s blog by the guys who did the SOMA water filter, and they raised $100K in 10 days.

Identify who else can you reach out to that has a bigger social following than your own. For example, the people on your team: If it’s a movie, perhaps the actors have a bigger social media following, or your producers, and so on. How can you utilize their friends and family and their audience to leverage and expand your audience. Another way is to reach out to journalists; anyone who can name drop you or spread the word – and if you can line these things up in advance, that preparation will be so handy. And with that said, what you want to do is give them tools to help them spread the word for you.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make, is that they line up people who say they can help, and then they don’t provide tools they can use to make sure they can actually help. So you’re going to want to provide people with a ‘one-pager’ that says ‘this is how you can help.’ Maybe you provide one sheets that they can post on their Facebook page that says ‘Hey, we’re doing this, here’s information about it, here’s the day it launches, and so on.’ You’re going to want to provide as many tools to the people helping you as possible. So before you launch more than anything, prepare instructions and items that people can use to help spread the word for you. So that’s a bit about what you can do to help build the noise for your campaign.”

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