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So you want to obtain viewers for your channel. Isn’t that the point of YouTube? To make content, then have it watched? Some make videos for themselves or their friends or family. But some creators want more. You want to go above and beyond. You have made something that they feel needs to be seen by a wide-range of people. Only problem is, you don’t know 10,000 people. However social media can be used in raising that first 10,000 views, and perhaps more.

One effective way to raise awareness is to market your channel with social media. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have a large number of users. If done properly, many users interested in your content will become followers and will be exposed to more of your channel’s content.Your social media accounts should be focused fully on your channel to avoid distracting your viewers. In addition, it’s better to focus on three social media accounts rather than more; dispersing efforts across numerous social media accounts is nowhere near as effective as being popular on just one or two accounts. If you focus on no more than three accounts, users will flow in more naturally and quickly due to the more in-depth posts that will be relevant to your channel.

The social media accounts you use should follow your overall strategy and brand. Plan your strategy accordingly and use your social media to your advantage! Some require a fee in order to boost posts, so this is important to take into consideration.


It’s also important to have a team ready to help you market your channel. As social media posts tend to be active for only 4 hours, posting regularly in order to provide continuous content for users should be a priority. Team members can help in that respect, as they will be able to post when you are unable. Similarly, email marketing is also another good method, as you are directly corresponding to some users one at a time, and give them the opportunity to speak back to you, allowing them to voice their interests and suggestions. By doing this, you can market to different audiences and have a better growth.


Sometimes, marketing by just the team isn’t just enough. Possibly you could require a spokesperson to get your name out there, someone with already an established fan-base. You are technically borrowing their fanbase in order to increase awareness. By doing so, their fans may also follow you, which may lead to the fans’ followers to follow you as well. Hence, collaborations is a very powerful tool that should not be overlooked and will be vital to expanding your userbase.

Once you reach out to enough people, your brand will be able to grow and become successful!

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