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Let’s face it, editing a video is an incredibly daunting task. Shooting the video can be as easy as setting up a camera and a couple of lights, but editing the video is a much more technical process. This is why you will need to become or hire a great editor and we can help you learn all the qualities of a great editor. You will need to learn how to properly utilize a non-linear editing (NLE) program to tell your story in the most succinct and sensible manner. The biggest NLE softwares in use today are Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. Even with student pricing, these programs can be very expensive, but poor college students rejoice! There are free editing softwares you can utilize, and they are easy to use!

WeVideo is a great cloud-based program that includes all of the features you will need to take your project from “some small clips I shot in my bedroom” to a professional looking digital video. As is true in every aspect of filmmaking, the equipment doesn’t matter nearly as much as the filmmaker using the equipment. The most important aspect of any video is creativity. Editing is a very technical skill, but all editors are different and creativity is a key component of the editing process.
So then, what does an editor actually do? Editors are visual storytellers and their primary job is organizing all of the audio and visual elements of the story into a fluid and coherent story. The qualities an editor needs are: organization, patience, and creativity. Editors are typically not on set during production. This allows editors to bring a fresh perspective to the project. When working on set, filmmakers often feel strongly towards various takes and shots because they understand each and every aspect that went into that shot. Many filmmakers will want to use one shot over another because of the work that went into pulling the shot off.

Many people insist that the best editing is seamless, however this is not always true. Simply put, editing style must change depending on the project. A seamless editing style works great for period pieces, but most music videos would be unbearable if not for quick and snazzy cuts.

Editors are often handed large amounts of files and told to edit all of them together. Because editors have so much to manage, time management is a crucial component of editing. It is imperative for an editor to determine a delivery timeline and to set realistic goals along that timeline. An editor cannot edit footage tirelessly until a project is completed. Breaks are important and a necessity as staring at a computer for long periods of time can fatigue the eyes and the mind. Taking a break from editing can refresh your perspective on the project and reveal a simple solution to a complex problem. Also, depending on the hardware specifications of your computer and the complexity of your project, rendering media files may take more time than editing those files together.

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