Running time: 50 minutes, 3 Chapters, 12 Lessons

Learn how to create business videos that customers want to view by knowing what your audience wants to see, creating videos that is unique and creative, and planning a schedule that is on task with your goals. Making business videos can help your business achieve increased revenue, gain customers, and create awareness through online exposure.

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How to Make Videos for Customers


Introduction: Why making videos is important for growing your business? ( 1:08 )


Chapter 1: Video Ideas

Lesson 1-1: What kind of videos work on YouTube? ( 2:41 )

Lesson 1-2: What videos are your customers searching for to tell you what kind of videos to make? ( 4:09 )

Lesson 1-3: What are the different types of videos I can make, best match for my customers? ( 4:10 )

Lesson 1-4: What’s the best format and or formula to follow for my videos? ( 3:45 )


Chapter 2. Preparing to Make a Video

Lesson 2-1: How to brainstorm an original video concept that represents my business? ( 4:18 )

Lesson 2-2: How to decide whether to be on camera or have someone else do it? ( 3:58 )

Lesson 2-3: How to outline and write your episode, tying it to relatable stories? ( 3:20 )

Lesson 2-4: How should you act on camera or direct a subject to perform? ( 3:37 )


Chapter 3. Planning and Scheduling

Lesson 3-1: How much time does it take to make a single video, or many videos? ( 4:16 )

Lesson 3-2: How many videos should you make? ( 3:39 )

Lesson 3-3: How often should you shoot your videos? ( 2:36 )

Lesson 3-4: Where should you put your videos and when? ( 3:39 )



What’s one video content strategy designed for growth? ( 1:58 )



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