Running time: 105 minutes, Four Chapters, 18 Episodes 

Learn the best practices for your show to reach its first organic 10,000 views and early fans by employing the latest social media marketing tactics, public relations strategies, and website design ideas to create a thriving and instant community!

When you purchase the course, you’ll also get the following document templates to use for your project:

Action Plan: Web Series Marketing Step-by-Step Checklist (6 Phases: Set Up, Buzz, Pre-Push, Push, More Momentum, Next Steps)

Marketing Calendar: Timeline template for set up, social media, press, and episode releases

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Annoying OrangeLearn how Squaresville did it – an edgy comedy web series in the vein of Freaks and Geeks that stays true to what it’s like growing up a teenager still unsure of who you want to be. (900,000+ views, 20K+ subscribers, created by Matt Enlow)


CreatorUp! Course Finishers

HipsterHood logoCreatorUp! Course Finishers – Shilipi Roy’s web series “Hipsterhood” Episode #1 reached 15,000 views, with Season One growing beyond 1,615,000 views –

as seen in USA Today & Huffington Post


How to Get Your Show’s First Organic 10,000 Views


Ep 1-1: Social: What social media platforms should I use?

Ep 1-2: Bookmarking: How to use Sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, or Buzzfeed?

Ep 1-3: Website: How can I build a website for free?

Ep 1-4:  Strategy: What should my social media strategy be?



Ep 2-1: Team marketing: How can my cast and crew help with marketing?

Ep 2-2: Timing:  When should I set up social media to get my team involved?

Ep 2-3: Email: How to utilize email marketing?

Ep 2-4: Klout: How to cast actors with social media fans?



Ep 3-1: Niche: What is a strong niche marketing strategy?

Ep 3-2: Press contacts: Where and to whom do I send my press releases?

Ep 3-3: Outreach: How to market effectively to different audiences?

Ep 3-4: Growth: How do I expand beyond my niche audience?



Ep 4-1: Casting: Why is it important to cast someone with a built in fan-base?

Ep 4-2: Web-lebrities: How do I approach web celebs to be a part of my project?

Ep 4-3:  Collaborations:  How to grow your series with fellow creators?

Ep 4-4:  Networks:  Should I work with a YouTube Network?


BONUS:  Fans: How do I get fans to help me market my show for free?

This program demystifies the potentially overwhelming endeavor of distributing a quality webisode that might actually grow legs.
Amani, actress Los Angeles preparing to distribute her first web series


Shilpi Roy, Hipsterhood creator

CreatorUp lets you learn from other people’s mistakes and tells you the ‘right way’ to do a web series so that you’re using your time and energy most efficiently.
Shilpi Roy, Hipsterhood creator


The Craft Ladies

The tutorials have demystified the web series process. We have a great product in our hands but we weren’t web series savvy and were unsure how to release it. CreatorUp gave us the knowledge and “how to” to feel confident and prepared releasing our show. We know that it is going to find the audience it was made for. Thank you Mike!
Lauren De Long & Tiffany Anne Price (The Craft Ladies)



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