Running time: 77 Minutes, 3 Chapters, 15 Lessons

Learn how to make a compelling message for a fundraising video for your non-profit or organization. Learn how to craft a storyline, speak to your audience, make your video engaging, create a call to action, and make a production plan. Creating an effective fundraising video is a powerful way to engage your members and grow your reach.

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CreatorUp! Course Finishers

HipsterHood logoCreatorUp! Course Finishers – Shilipi Roy’s web series “Hipsterhood” Episode #1 reached 15,000 views, with Season One growing beyond 1,615,000 views –

as seen in USA Today & Huffington Post


How to Develop a Fundraising Video for Non-Profits

Chapter 1: Developing the Story

Lesson 1-1: Making people care. ( 2:47 )

Lesson 1-2: Choosing your numbers and embracing your limitations. ( 4:38 )

Lesson 1-3: Defining your story. ( 3:08 )

Lesson 1-4: Defining your audience. ( 5:11 )

Lesson 1-5: Discovering your resources. ( 4:35 )
Chapter 2: Writing the Script

Lesson 2-1: Building your Script ( 5:49 )

Lesson 2-2: Capturing your audience. ( 4:37 )

Lesson 2-3: Keeping the audience’s attention. ( 6:01 )

Lesson 2-4: What is going to make the most impact.  ( 5:16 )

Lesson 2-5: The call to action.  ( 5:07 )


Chapter 3: Planning to Produce

Lesson 3-1: Plan of attack – production. ( 7:23 )

Lesson 3-2: Produce. ( 7:54 )

Lesson 3-3: Syndication ( 7:27 )

Lesson 3-4: The residual value of your video ( 5:52 )


BONUS: Building Audience

Best YouTube practices for posting your fundraising video. ( 1:55 )

This program demystifies the potentially overwhelming endeavor of distributing a quality webisode that might actually grow legs.
Amani, actress Los Angeles preparing to distribute her first web series


Shilpi Roy, Hipsterhood creator

CreatorUp lets you learn from other people’s mistakes and tells you the ‘right way’ to do a web series so that you’re using your time and energy most efficiently.
Shilpi Roy, Hipsterhood creator


The Craft Ladies

The tutorials have demystified the web series process. We have a great product in our hands but we weren’t web series savvy and were unsure how to release it. CreatorUp gave us the knowledge and “how to” to feel confident and prepared releasing our show. We know that it is going to find the audience it was made for. Thank you Mike!
Lauren De Long & Tiffany Anne Price (The Craft Ladies)