Our teachers Steven Wasserman and Victor Solis produced their own web series – Generic Girl.  Take a look at it here!

Course Detail

Running time: 100 minutesFour Chapters, 22 Episodes

COURSE OVERVIEW: Learn how to plan realistically, efficiently, and squeeze the most quality out of your budget. Lots of people have a good idea for a web series – but don’t know where to start. Steven and Victor give you the pro secrets on simplifying budgeting, scheduling, crew building, equipment, locations, contracts, and everything you need to know to prep your shoot right – so your valuable production time is smooth sailing. A must see for new creators who need the specifics about how to get it done right, and a great refresher experienced filmmakers.

When you purchase the course, you’ll also get the following document templates to use for your production:

An audition form for learning more about the actors auditioning for your roles.
A budget topsheet template for categorizing costs in an organized way.
A callsheet template for communicating with your crew during production.
A credits order guideline for properly crediting your cast and crew.
A shot list template for organizing your shooting schedule.

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Digital All-Stars

Annoying OrangeLearn how “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” did it – a musical comedy about an aspiring supervillian played by Neil Patrick Harris, written by Joss Whedon (Seven Streamy Awards, CW TV deal 2012)


How to Prep Your Production

Ep 1. Intro “Become a Super-producer”: Who we are, and how we’re going to help you plan your next project!

Ep 1-1. Resources:  How do you make something good on a shoestring budget?
Ep 1-2. Script:  How do you break down your screenplay so it works for you?
Ep 1-3. Breakdowns:  How to keep track of what you need each day of production?
Ep 1-4. Shopping Smart:  How do get the best deals by searching beyond list prices?
Ep 1-5. Living Budget:  How to create a budget based on the numbers you’ve found.

Ep 2-1. Shooting Strategy: How to pick the best shooting strategy for your web series?
Ep 2-2. Shoot Planning: How to adapt your shooting style to fit your schedule and budget?
Ep 2-3. Time Management:  How to give yourself time to succeed on set?
Ep 2-4: Living Schedule:  How to build a schedule that makes sense?
Ep 2-5. Daily Budget: How to build your daily budget?


Ep 3-1. Crew: How to build the key crew members on your team?
Ep 3-2. Design: How to effectively design your web series?
Ep 3-3. Locations: How to find your locations?
Ep 3-4: Communications: How to communicate with your team for strong collaboration.
Ep 3-5: Casting: How to cast your actors the best way possible?


Ep 4-1: Shot list:  How to create a shot list?
Ep 4-2: Schedule:  How to finalize a shooting schedule?
Ep 4-3: Safety:  How to make sure you are safe on set?
Ep 4-4: Legal:  How do you keep it legal to protect yourself?
Ep 5-5. Adjusting:  How to adjust for unforeseeable circumstances?

1 Bonus. Social Media and Crowdfunding:  How to build up your fanbase?

Are you looking for passionate film & video producers who can help bring your story to life and reach an audience? Steven and Victor have decades of combined film experience and are ready to work with you. Contact them through CreatorUp HERE asking us for a production services consultation.