Our teacher Mark Gantt co-produced and starred in his own web series – The Bannen Way, on Sony’s Crackle.com.  Take a look at it here!

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Running time: 80 minutesThree Chapters, 13 Episodes

OVERVIEW: Learn how to develop and pitch your idea into a web series that will get made and get seen. If you’ve been waiting around for the right project to come along that matches your creative talent and vision, the digital world gives you the opportunity to “build your own door and walk through it.” Mark covers everything from defining your idea into something that will work for the web, to building the foundations of your pitch package for funding and fans, and finally gets into the nitty gritty of executing your pitch strategy so that you can accomplish the project that you set out to make. A nice introduction into the world of web series, and how to make something that truly shows what you are capable of creating.

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Annoying OrangeLearn how “The Bannen Way” did it – a crime / action drama on Sony’s Crackle.com, that got 14 million views in 6 weeks (4 Streamy Awards including Best Actor (Mark) & Best Drama, nominated for 2 Webby Awards).


CreatorUp! Course Finishers

HipsterHood logoCreatorUp! Course Finishers – Shilipi Roy’s web series “Hipsterhood” Ep #1 hit 10K views – hipsterhoodseries.com

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How to Develop and Pitch Your Web Series

INTRO:  How I got started making web series, and what are your first steps to make yours?

Ep 1-1. Target Audience: Who is my target audience?
Ep 1-2. Format: How do I choose the best format and length?
Ep 1-3. Foundations: What are the foundations for a dynamic project?

Ep 2-1. Package: How to develop a pitch package to assemble your team?
Ep 2-2.  Team: How to build your project team?
Ep 2-3.  Budget: How to estimate a budget for a teaser or the web series?

Ep 3-1. Crowd-funding: How should you approach a crowd-funding campaign?
Ep 3-2: Casting: How to approach casting for your web series?
Ep 3-3:  Production: What to shoot to help you pitch your web series?
Ep 3-4:  Pitching: Who and what to pitch?

Ep 1: BONUS. Building:  How to get more people to watch your web series once it’s done?

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