My VidCon Experience: Seeing Through the Crowds

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Being involved with VidCon was an eye-opening experience. When you first enter, it mostly seems like teenage fans flocking to their favorite YouTube star.  However there is more to VidCon than just the adoring fans and the YouTube sensations. It’s about engaging in this exciting and different community. There are people from all walks of life that go for the amazing workshops VidCon has to offer. One of these panels was the Creating Awesome Content.

Like most content creators, my productions tend to be on the low budget scale. That being said it’s difficult to have a high production value with my limited resources. Thats where the Creating Awesome Content panel came into play. The panelist consisted of a group of experts: two production designers, a cinematographer and a sound mixer. Once the panel started rolling, it turned out to be an interesting experience for the audience. Members were placed into groups and each one was designated to a specific subject; one group goes to sound another to production design.

During the camera workshop I learned how to create more dynamic lighting with only using my available resources. Though it may seem obvious, the panelist’s biggest suggestion was to just shoot by a window. In terms of production design, I learned that there are a few little adjustments one can do to make a shot more interesting, like giving an interview more depth. By just adding a object in the foreground like a pot of flowers and putting your subject not so close to a wall, it gives a shot more dimension.

Finally: sound. Before I took this panel I had no idea how to approach sound. The panelist was super friendly and even taught us the proper way to prep sound depending on the shot. I also learned  what products work best for the type of content you create. Regardless of the genre or style of shooting, sound must always be high quality.

Having the panelist give their expertise on their craft was the reason why my experience at VidCon was so eye opening. I did not know how to implement all these different aspects of a production nor did I realize that with my limited resource I too can create content with a higher production value. All in all VidCon was a great experience and luckily for me, I got to get more out of it than just being a screaming fan.

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