Making A Standout Show on a Shoestring Budget

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Unless you just won the lottery or are born into extreme wealth, producing video content on a tight budget may feel frustrating. There are a lot of factors to consider when prepping production, like preparing equipment to casting actors who fit into your script. But, fear not – there is always a solution, and you can end up making a standout show on a shoestring budget.

The first step you should remember: check what assets you have that can be used in shooting. It is essential to categorize all the human resources you might need in camerawork, audio, actors, and even picking up lunch. Then set a specific number for your budget that will be invested into the whole production. Otherwise, you might confront financial problems and difficulties when organizing resources while you plan.

The next step: breaking down your script. You should be aware of every element in each scene so that once you execute the production, everything will be prepared on the right spot. You can divide the script scene by scene and highlight elements such as people, physical interaction, and special effects. In this way, you will be able to prepare for every detail needed in the scene: a waiter in a restaurant, a fedora that the actor should wear, or a crowd of people in a market.

Now it’s time for research. Googling would be the easiest option, but in order to get the best deals, you should not rely solely on online search results. You should be also calling places to inquire about rates for production rentals. Price and policies vary depending on where they are located, like in LA, weekend rates are same with a one day rent. Communication is necessary!

Finally, the important question: How can we create the budget? You can easily be tempted to raise the cost of the production; maybe we need some more lights or maybe it would be better if we have more advanced equipment? But remember that it is very important to resist those temptations so as to achieve the best outcome within your budget. Also, check whether the script matches your budget range. Is it realistic to create a video with that number? If not, try to replace the expensive resources to reasonable ones and find locations where you can take several scenes in that single room.

These are the basic steps you have to go through when you are in the process of preparing your production. The more you are prepared before you actually shoot your script, the better outcome it will be once it gets finished. Preparation is the key!

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