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So you’ve set out to make your own music video? The task sounds pretty fun— but be careful! A lot of work goes into creating a quality video that makes audiences want to get up and dance along. Since you’re taking this step, that probably means that you derive a lot of inspiration from music. You’re not alone. Music inspires millions of people around the world. A great music video serves as a great companion to a hit song. With a little work, you’ll be well on your way to making a viral video that’ll make your favorite artist proud!

So let’s get right down to business. It’s time to talk about pre-production. If you want to make your own music video, that means you have to find the perfect song. What song inspires you? Picking a song can be challenging. The decision is important. Remember, your favorite song today can be your least favorite tomorrow. Instead of choosing based on a whim, consider which songs speak to you. Which can create the most intriguing videos? How can you film a video that adds layers to the song? Do you know any specific locations that go along with the story that the lyrics tell?

Once you decide on a song, it’s time to customize your video! You truly have creative freedom, so let that side take over. If you want to make your own music video that is unique and entertaining, choose locations and actors that add to the story. Shoot in a graveyard, the woods, or an amusement park. Is the song about the loss of a loved one? Recruit actors and actresses who understand the emotion of loss and can convey it effectively.

What about costumes? Dress your actors in one-of-a-kind clothing that reflects your style or message. Feel free to add your own spin onto the song, or take creative liberty and interpret the song in a different way.

You really have all the tools at your disposal, so get to work! What’s stopping you from making a great lip dub video? Push all hesitation and fears aside. Start listening to songs and begin writing out ideas! Your music video isn’t going to make itself. With a little bit of effort and determination, you can make your own music video that inspires others the way music inspires you. It’s time to bring a song’s lyrics to life!

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