How to Use Digital Storytelling to Connect People

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Storytelling is powerful. In this clip, Michael Kass discusses how to tell a good story in order to connect with an audience before convincing them to purchase a product or perform a call to action.

While meeting with clients, Michael often pitches the idea of digital storytelling in order to drive sales. He explains to his clients how important storytelling is to establishing a connection between business and consumer. Telling a story may be time consuming, but it can be a great investment if utilized appropriately. Most businesses rely on statistics and facts, however, relying on facts alone can be crippling, because they do very little to connect businesses with potential consumers. Facts are limited. No matter how impressive they may be, Michael stresses that, if the consumer hasn’t already bought into the product, the information will simply bounce off.

This leads us to the takeaway of the clip: stories relate over facts. In order to sell a product, we must first earn consumer trust. To do this, we must connect with them. People invest in other people, not in ideas. By connecting on a human level, the consumer will gain a stake in your product. They won’t simply be purchasing a good or service, but instead, they will be buying into the story.

But how can we earn their trust? How can we connect with them? Michael encourages us to brainstorm story ideas that’ll have the greatest impact. Once the consumer’s imagination is engaged and they have been “sold” by a good story, then facts and statistics will be more successful, since the audience will be much more receptive to hearing them.

Digital storytelling has been successful in selling products for thousands of companies. By taking our course on storytelling, we can help you construct a successful story to bridge the gap between consumer and business. Our class is designed to teach students more than just the importance of digital storytelling. It is designed to help students learn how to tell a good story that connects with an audience in a unique and powerful way.

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