How to Make Vines Like a Director

Posted on: by Grace M

This week, our students for our Summer Accelerator Program were given a challenge: to make a six-second video that summed up their project. This proved more difficult than it looks for the students, some have never even heard of what a Vine was until that night! Luckily, they learned how to make Vines like a director.

It would appear that there is a significantly huge gap between a six-second Vine and a feature length film. But when you go behind the lens of your phone as opposed to you camera, you’d be surprised that the gap isn’t that daunting.

To make a Vine, have an idea. Once you have that idea, you need to cater it to the format you are given. Make sure that it makes sense for something that will only be six seconds. Like developing any film idea, you’re going to really exercise your creativity and adapt to what you are given.

Don’t overthink it. Be spontaneous! If you spend too much time mulling over one second of your Vine, it will never get finished. Embrace what happens! You don’t have to film for six straight seconds, you can cut and edit pieces together. Film what you can and once you have what you have, you can develop it into one concrete Vine.

Make sure you are having fun! If you’re a passionate person, you should be doing something that exemplifies that part of you. Let your Vine be fun, and the audience will see that too.

All three of these factors played a part in the students’ Vines. The challenge served its purpose: students were pushed to really think about what they could express in such a short time. Just like on their set, they had to think on their feet, and really observe what was around them.

After about 10 minutes of shooting and editing, all of the students worked with their partners and surprised and impressed with their awesome videos!

Lauren incorporated her project’s theme of running in LA.

At first, Lindsey had trouble thinking up how to showcase her project in such a small timeframe. But after looking around and filming, she discovered a hummingbird by surprise, just like her theme of being surprised in LA!

Kris is taking the commercial route, and decided to keep his short and simple, but enjoyable to watch nonetheless! His “imagination” helped capture his similar theme!

Stephen tried to insert street art into his Vine just like his project for LA. With the help of filming by Sasha, and a random kid who let him borrow his skateboard, Stephen was able to utilize his resources and get creative, just as he would when filming.

  Daniel decided to use visuals and his own narrative to tell his story.

Others kept it short, simple, and punny.

The class viewed the Vines together towards the end, ranking each on a scale of 1-10. The winner ended up being Riley, who embraced the sunset and let it tell her story about how she feels about Los Angeles (despite her struggle figuring out how to edit on Vine!).  

And of course, our team was always on hand to document the process!

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Written by Grace M

Grace is a film/tv student at Boston University who's dream is to become a writer/the next Mindy Kaling. She has worked at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as all over the country and world, including New York, Los Angeles, and London.

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