How to Make Movies and Conquer any Challenge

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Sometimes a writer’s imagination can freak the producer out when they see the script, but that doesn’t mean the movie will be impossible. If you wear both hats then you have a great opportunity to blow everyone out of the water. You will need to balance your creative aspirations with your realistic ability. It isn’t as scary as it seems!

Making movies is an art form and your first challenge is learning to work with the talent. If they need extra time to prepare for their roles (especially if they are of an emotional or sexual nature) you should be sensitive to get the best results. Any stunts you might have need to ensure the actor’s safety as well. Learning how to make movies means realizing that audiences might react more to a breakthrough performance than the type of lens you use.

Another challenge you can conquer is picking out a location and how it affects your shot. Different moods and tones require different considerations, and you need to arrange them ahead of time. Do you have a film noir that needs a rooftop angle? Or maybe a comedy that needs a close up in the bathroom mirror? Safety is a number one factor in both cases. For example, it is obvious that you have to be careful on a roof, but you also need to make sure your equipment is fit to shoot in a bathroom with water exposure present. Do you need any extra gear to make it happen? Do you need to make or borrow props?

Every decision you take when making movies has the ability to skyrocket its success and appeal. I learned that by working as a gaffer when I realized small details can make or break the perfect shot. If you want a comedic take on what filmmakers go through check out the Tumblr page “Whatshouldwecallfilmschool,” a personal favorite of mine. Humor aside, learning how to make movies means you can be the guy or girl your friends come to when they need to film a project. It is a pretty cool feeling if I do say so myself.

Although some people might be turned away by the number of creative challenges they’ll need to make I cannot stress enough how rewarding it is to see everything come together on set and in the editing room. Where else can you create a world and give it so much life? I want to thank you for keeping at it. Now, get back to work and enjoy yourselves!

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