How to Make an Animation and Add Details

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So you want to make an animation? The process is simple, but can be very time consuming. This lesson is all about the details. You’re finally getting down to the nitty gritty and separating your animated graphic from the rest of the pack. Hopefully, you’ve taken the necessary steps leading up to this point. If you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown. First, brainstorm and conceive an idea of what you want to make an animation about. Second, sketch out your ideas and focus on the larger elements of your graphic. If you’ve already done those two things, then congratulations— let’s get to work!

It’s time to create smaller elements in your graphic. This is probably the most time consuming part for anybody setting out to make an animation. Ever seen a graphic that really caught your attention? When you looked closer, what did you see? If it truly was a complex graphic, you probably noticed that the details were so intricate that you could just stare for minutes on end. Now, it’s your turn to make an animation that forces people stop, stare and remember your graphic and the message it conveys.

Remember to start with your past elements and add detail from there. For this step, you’re going to want to edit your graphic in full screen (it’ll be easier and you won’t be squinting so hard). So maximize the window and start making your graphic more detailed and unique!

We’ve attached a lesson from our Animated Graphics class into this post to help you out. We understand that learning how to make an animation isn’t easily done without seeing the process first hand. In the video, you can watch a professional at work! Tim Collins is an editor and animated graphics creator for the Young Turks, the biggest news channel on Youtube. Watch him as he creates a graphic for Reddit. By watching, you’ll learn all the details of the process and you’ll also learn how to detail a project of your very own. Just click play and you’ll be learning how to add details to your animation in no time.

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