How to Make a Lip Sync Music Video for Youtube

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Have you mastered the art of making a music video? You’ve started your journey by typing, “how to make a lip sync music video” into Google and now, look at you! You’re exporting your final project. So, what’s the next step? It’s time to get your video out into the world. Let’s head over to Youtube!

Currently, Youtube dominates the web in regard to online video. While it does have rising competition, Youtube draws over 1 billion unique users each month. Don’t be intimidated by the numbers. Youtube offers you the ability to be seen by fans or viewers who wouldn’t be able to find you on any other platform. While it may be easy to get lost in the sea of videos, with a little bit of help from us, your video will have the greatest opportunity to reach future fans.

So what should you do? Start by uploading your video and then adding a description (the description will appear right beneath your video). Make sure you add a full description. Search results are based upon tags (we’ll get to that in a minute), your title, and lastly, the contents of your description. Your description should include your name, the name of the song you’re using for your lip dub, the song’s artist(s), any actors appearing in your video, and links to your social media platforms.

Next, you’ll want to add tags. Nobody can find your video without them! For example, if your video is a lip dub of Lady Gaga’s Bad romance, add tags like “lady gaga,” “gaga,” “bad romance,” “cover,” “music video,” and “fan made.” That way, anybody who is searching any of those tags has the potential of seeing your video in their search results. Additionally, put your channel name in your tags. People could be searching for you, too!

Remember, you do not own the rights to the song. A lot of people are making money on Youtube, but it is illegal to do so if your content isn’t completely owned by you. If you’re using another artist’s song in your video, you are liable to have a copyright strike against you if you attempt to monetize that video. So don’t be greedy, or you may find yourself banned from Youtube.

Take a deep breath. Start uploading your video, and pat yourself on the back. You’ve done it. Learning how to make a lip sync music video wasn’t easy, but you’ve reached the end of your journey. Your fans will love what you’ve done! And if you haven’t finished yet and are you still interested in discovering more tips, you can learn more about how to make a lip sync music video by taking our full class here!

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