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If you’ve ever talked to anyone who has ever attempted to meet their Kickstarter goal, you’ll pretty much hear the same thing. “It’s really hard!”

So what if you don’t have a huge fan following already built in like the Veronica Mars Kickstarter movie campaign that is now at $4.5M and almost 70,000 Backers to help you reach your kickstarter goal? That’s where CreatorUp comes in. Our students have raised over $100K+ on various projects, including: web series like “Kittens in a Cage = $54K,” “Eastsiders = $26K,” and “Hipsterhood = $7K” to all kinds of other ideas and projects including “ABL Denim = $16K,” a fashionable, convenient, and comfortable new clothing line for anyone with limited mobility. You’ll learn how to make an action plan by defining your niche and crafting an outreach strategy in order to efficiently promote your Kickstarter story. Even if you don’t have a big following, if your Kickstarter story appeals to bloggers, tweeters, and YouTubers who do – they can be kingmakers for your project. But how should you reach out to them to ask them to help you without annoying them or paying them?

Justin teaches how to make an action plan for your a Kickstarter campaign, pitch your Kickstarter story, covering the basics, design, credibility, niche, the actual plan, and most of all how to reach your Kickstarter goal.

Step 1: Basics – How long should you make your campaign, and how much should you realistically try and raise as your Kickstarter goal? Most people just need a starting point that makes sense for the project, so that they can actually commit to starting to do it.

Step 2: Design – Why do effective visuals matter to help get pledges to meet your Kickstarter goal? You need to tell your Kickstarter story effectively to be able to generate engagement and investment for others to commit to becoming a part of it.

Step 3: Credibility – How can you build credibility for your project and Kickstarter story to encourage pledges, venture capitalists and angel fund investors? It’s important to show why you are the best person to execute this project, and how will you actually deliver on the rewards that you are promising to people who are giving money to you.

Step 4: Niche – How are Kickstarter campaigns for web series, YouTube channels, and films or other niches unique? Determining who your audience is and how you will begin reaching out and pitching your Kickstarter story to them is essential to meet your Kickstarter goal.

Step 5: Action Plan – Make an outreach strategy based on your own resources. Examining how much time you actually have, who you have if anyone to help you, and what a successful Kickstarter campaign takes realistically will help you plan to reach your Kickstarter goal in a way that makes sense for both you and your project.

For the complete Kickstarter Action Plan to promote your Kickstarter story and to meet your Kickstarter goal with a step by step toolkit, Justin’s full course is available here:


In a world where major brands and celebs are stepping into the independent sphere of crowdfunding, will this prevent original new ideas from getting made? There’s been a lot of excitement around the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign (currently at $4.5M of its $2M Kickstarter goal) – and I agree, it’s very exciting to see an audience pre-fund their own movie and meet their Kickstarter goal without having the studio execs call all the shots. But since there were at least 26 studio sequels last year and well over one hundred in the works– it does raise a few questions about just exactly which pre-branded already distributed ideas are floating around in pop culture that could immediately go into re-vamp and re-do for the next gen. Since so many independent films and web series have become to depend on crowdfunding as a way of getting their ideas made – this trend is a bit scary for indie creators with no audience to begin with. In a way, the trend augments the credibility and legitimacy of crowdfunding as a way of satisfying the market demand for what people want to watch – but in another way, it undermines the creation of new original ideas by new voices, since as we know, the most limited resource around is not just the money, but people’s time and attention in an extremely crowded digital space, which is why having a clear and concise Kickstarter story is essential. I’m both excited and concerned about the trend of giant campaigns like the “Veronica Mars Movie” reaching almost $5M on Kickstarter. Will these massive campaigns drown out homegrown ideas by individuals, or taint the public perception of crowdfunding as an opportunity creator for great new concepts?

Want more personal help to reach your Kickstarter goal or Indiegogo goal? Get a customized campaign strategy for your own Kickstarter story and ask questions directly to our teacher Justin by ordering a 1-on-1 consultation HERE:

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Written by Michael Tringe

Mike Tringe earned his MFA in Film Production from USC and has worked at Creative Artists Agency Film Sales (Paranormal Activity, Black Swan), Vuguru, Michael Eisner's multi-platform studio, (The Booth at the End (Hulu), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Snag), Little Women Big Cars (AOL), and Blip Networks (300 million monthly views, Smosh, Annoying Orange, Nostalgia Critic).

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