How to Get Sponsored on YouTube with Your Channel

Posted on: by Michael Tringe

So you have a great idea for a show on your YouTube channel and you’d like to know how to get sponsored on YouTube. Where should you start?

Mitchel Dumlao of has some great practical pointers on ways you can get noticed by sponsors. So what are three basic steps you can follow to learn how to get sponsored on YouTube, by writing to sponsors in a way that captures their attention?

1. Keep it sponsor friendly. From a very basic perspective – your show should be “sponsor friendly” – which basically means it may intrigue, but not offend. No business, brand, or company wants to risk reaching some new customers at the expense of alienating its existing customer base. If you want to master how to get sponsored on YouTube, it starts by making sure your content makes sense for the sponsor.

2. Know your numbers. You should approach sponsors with a value proposition bigger than just an idea – who is currently watching your show? How many views or subscribers do you have? If your topline numbers aren’t that compelling – you may want to show that you have high engagement from beginning to end of your show.

3. Keep it brief and professional. When writing sponsors, be very specific about what your show is, and what you’re asking for. You may have to offer to do the first sponsor integration at no cost so they can measure the value, and then the sponsor may be more inclined to offer to help you fund future episodes or even distribute your show to their own audience.

In short – to learn how to get sponsored on YouTube, make sure that your show is sponsor friendly, attractive to sponsors from a return on investment perspective, and finally – that you clearly communicate your show idea and your value proposition to the businesses and brands that you’re targeting. This branded entertainment model works for a lot of channels – and could be right for you too.

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Written by Michael Tringe

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