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All of us love to hear the phrase, low risk, high reward, especially when referring to a business plan. New ideas can be exciting yet frightening because of the potential for rejection or failure. It is important to test whether or not an idea will spark interest in the market. If you use Kickstarter correctly, you can reap the benefits of a low risk, high reward launching process. 


Well, your ideas are fresh and new, and your Kickstarter community takes notice. They become attracted to your idea, and soon they become part of your development process. When people are connected to your project, their passion and effort, combined with your own, can take your business to another level. Employees also will develop a sense of ownership in your project and embrace it as their own. These personal relationships to your business will not only help you further your business, but will eventually get the word buzzing throughout your inner circle of followers.

Customer input is a huge part of getting your business on the right track and it can be tough to receive this input without bombarding them all with constant emails. Kickstarter can be used as a means to increase dialogue with your customers in order to receive useful feedback. Feedback is everything in the development in a new business and Kickstarter is a low risk way to gain this customer feedback, and that’s how kickstarting can connect with customers.
Now that is truly low risk, high reward!!!

How are you supposed to get your new development out on social media? We may feel experienced with our own accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., but getting your project out there can be intimidating. The first place to start: get the word of mouth out for your project. Reach out to your circle of friends and followers, but if you are looking to raise over $10,000 you need their help in getting a bigger following.

Journalists and the press are the fastest way to get your development to the public. However, there is a mistake that many new developers make in this process: you don’t have a firm idea of your project. It is important to give as many tools as possible to those who are putting your business ideas out there. If they don’t really understand what it is you are trying to do, there is no way their followers will catch on. So, make sure they fully grasp your idea and can relay this information to your standards.

Another great place to create Social Media buzz is from your team. Use the people you work with every day! The relationship you’ve created between you and your team has established a faith in your project, therefore, they are your biggest fans. They will be the most passionate in promoting your work, and will genuinely want to help!
Launching campaigns can be daunting, but you are surrounded by more people than you think who can get your ideas out there, you just have to embrace it!

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