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I always doubted that I could successfully tell my story. When taking the storytelling course through CreatorUp, I learned that I wasn’t alone. Michael Kass often works with clients who say, “I don’t know how to tell my story. Where would I even start? I wouldn’t know how to begin, let alone end my story.” Once the client has finished confessing their skepticism, Michael calmly points out, “You’re telling me a story right now.”

Everyone has the innate ability to tell a story. It’s natural to us. Look at a five-year-old child who has such an imagination and yearns to share it with the world. Most children are teeming with excitement and can talk for hours about a toy or doll— something that seems so ordinary or trivial to us. We all can remember the days when we were that child, going on and on about our favorite action figure our toy car. Somewhere along the way, however, we all begin to doubt our ability to tell a good story and that’s the only thing that’s standing in our way.

But the ability is still there. Sometimes, it just needs a bit of help coming to the surface. If we are ever in need of some inspiration, Michael suggests we simply look around us. What do we see? What’s the story behind what we see? Sometimes, a great story starts with a prop. Other times, it starts with a question.

To show how our minds automatically tell stories, Michael wears a top hat throughout the video. He asks us, “Are you wondering why I’m wearing this top hat? What do you think my story is?” Then, he proceeds to explain how our minds have already contemplated numerous reasons, or stories, as to why he chose to wear that specific hat. Without realizing it, we were telling ourselves a story.

In the remainder of our online storytelling course, Michael dives deeper into discussing how we can begin telling our story. What information do we need? What structure can we put in place to make sure our story connects with whomever is in our audience? How do we use our innate ability to connect and build a community? Take our online class now to strengthen your story.

Watch Michael’s Full Course on Storytelling

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