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Your ability to be confident on camera results from how much you have prepared for each shoot you do. Over time you will develop your flow and your on-camera persona will be a genuine reflection of your personality. Until then, here are some tips to get you started:

• Prepare ahead of time – Get your script and any other needed items (like props) together and organized so that you can use them while you practice memorizing your script. Having as many factors present as possible will make getting used to the material so much easier.

• Ditch your “Uhs” and Ums” – Crutch Words such as “uh,” “um,” or “like” are a death sentence for your “confident on camera” appearance. Granted, some may slip out here and there (which is totally okay), but do your best to learn to speak without this Mean-Girls-inspired vocabulary. It will make you seem more credible as an on-camera professional.

• Bring the Fire – I want you to bring the energy of a thousand suns to your on-camera shoot. Yes, I know that is a little dramatic, but if you do anything, bring a lot of energy to the set. Nobody wants to watch a video with a monotone speaker who doesn’t move or use emotion. We all went through that in high school. Be sure to have a big smile and a natural delivery, and your character and charisma will show through.

• Plan your Wrap-Up – Before you begin filming make sure to try out some various wrap-up options. You don’t want to reach the end of a great take and suddenly realize you have no idea how to end your video. At least have some sort of semi-formed idea in your head if you are one to prefer ad-libbing your videos. You will look more confident on camera if your transitions are smooth and direct rather than jumped and flustered. Record and review your ideas to see which one fits in with the video the best. You might be surprised at how much a good a solid wrap-up can do for you.

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