Crowdfunding Videos that Stand Out – The 4 S’s

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When you set out to make crowdfunding videos, you’re probably completely overwhelmed. Follow these four key elements of some crowdfunding videos we love- and your story will be on track to capture the hearts of your audience.

#1 – Story

The story of your crowdfunding videos is the single most important element, and if you don’t know it or how to share it– nobody is likely to care about you or your project. Start with your own story, and then see if there are other stories you can tie into – like the stories of your characters on a small level or your audience on a larger level.

For the feature film project K-Shop, listen to Dan Pringle’s story of how they moved their business into one of the most violent neighborhoods in the UK at night, and were inspired to tell a story about an ordinary kebab shop owner’s son who turns vigilante to try and change things. The film touches on a much larger story of Britain – and centers on a Kurdish son who loses his father to a rowdy drunken brawl outside his own shop. Three powerful stories in under two minutes and thirty seconds – all of which make me care.

#2 – Special

If your project looks and sounds like everybody else’s, it won’t stand out – or inspire anyone to want to be a part of it. The concept or style of your crowdfunding videos can be what sets it apart – but something about your video should help your project stand out.

Dan Stebbins’ project Biking Dawn about a guy who is born out of the ocean with bike clips in his feet on one level – and on another level dueling bike gangs stepping on each others’ toes to save the world. That’s something I’ve never heard of – let alone ever thought of – and it’s really kind of a cool concept with a twist on the traditional old bikes vs cars debate – with at a new fun level. And when you actually see the metal pedals on the bikers bare feet – you know this guy is serious.

#3 – Short

You must capture the attention of your viewers in the first five seconds of your crowdfunding videos – or people will click away and move on.

Greg Tilton’s project Reddit Doc catches our eye in the first five seconds with five quick one word descriptions of his documentary subject “Time-wasting, juvenile, community, time-suck, addictive” – I already want to know more – and by ten seconds, we know this is going to be a documentary all about Reddit. And in the first 30 seconds, it spells out why this is important – does Reddit predict the rest of the online media space?

#4 – Slick

Slick means your video looks and feels professional. If your crowdfunding videos feel professional, people will feel more confident investing in you and your project.

Contrapelo by Pin-Chun Liu and Molo Alcocer is really well done. From the moment you see the man sitting in a chair with a razor – you wonder why he is so conflicted – and you know that there’s going to be a powerful character and story behind the vision of the filmmaker. Once you’re hooked from the question of who this barber is – and who he must shave, you scroll down to reveal the full story: he must shave the leader of a drug cartel who is ruining his own country.

Overall – when you’re trying to figure out how to make your crowdfunding videos, if you can stick to the story, keep it special, make it short, and slick – you’re off to a great start in determining how to crowdfund your next project.

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Written by Michael Tringe

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