Crowdfunding Marketing and Working That Phone

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Once you have your perfected pitch squared away, the next step to focus on is how you’re going to raise money in an effective and, most importantly, personal way. As a startup, your individual brand can be your biggest asset unlike many of the larger, faceless corporations in the industry today.

• Never Doubt Direct Sales – No matter how you go about it, direct one-on-one sales can be your best bet in getting money on the table for your crowdfunding marketing campaign. You might choose the classic route and use your phone. You might also realize that depending on whom you are selling to, other forms of communication like text messaging or Facebook are more applicable. On the flipside, maybe you want to take a special client out to lunch or dinner to pitch them in a relaxed environment. It is all up to you because you know how you schmooze best.

• Cold Call like a Champ – I think that one of the worst parts of starting your crowdfunding marketing campaign is cold calling your possible donors. Just like when you learned how to ride a bike or cook a meal, it will get easier and more enjoyable with time and practice. It helps to build a pre-set list of which contacts you should think about contacting and then prioritize it by who will give the most money. This will speed up your process and saves everyone’s hard-earned time.

• Tips and Tricks – One way to stay motivated is something we like to call “State Management.” State Management bolsters your crowdfunding marketing efforts by reminding you to pause and take in what it feels like after your first big sale. After fifteen calls or so, you are bound to make at least a few sales. Don’t forget that feeling. If at any time you are feeling low about the project, it is the perfect pick-me-up to get you back on your feet and moving.

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