Crowdfunding DeathMatch – 3 Top Tips from the Best Campaigns

Posted on: by Michael Tringe

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about crowdfunding campaigns, and even more tired of being asked for money to fund yet another tired project. This is one reason we’ve created “Crowdfunding Deathmatch” – to raise the profile of awesome campaigns, to bring a fresh and fun angle to what we believe are still some incredibly exciting projects, and to help more creatives learn the ropes of what works and what doesn’t to crowdfund their next creative project.

Crowdfunding Tip #1: Make it personal. One of the reasons that Kung Fury stood out so much, was because the creator really showed why and how he was so personally invested in the project. He highlighted his own talents and showed why he was the perfect person to pull of this incredible feature length film.

Crowdfunding Tip #2: Make it clear. If the project is vague, or ambiguous in terms of what you’re actually trying to create – nobody will “go with you” to try and figure it out. In the subject line, the video, and the visual assets – it should be crystal clear what you’re raising money for.

Crowdfunding Tip #3: Make it creative. This may sound like a no-brainer – but is your campaign standing out because of the creative assets that you’re showing? Nobody is going to care if you don’t care about how to present your project creatively — and if you do care, it will show, and they will want to invest in your campaign.

Overall — both campaigns here have a done a great job of really utilizing their own talents to create campaigns that feel very personal, are crystal clear, and have amazing creative content. Great job to both Kung Fury and Space Janitors — and we can’t wait to see the finished film and web series!

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