Crowdfunding Course to Fundraise Your First $10K

Posted on: by Michael Tringe

You’ve got an idea for a project or a business, and how many times has someone told you to “just crowdfund it?” If only it were that simple. Where do you start?

Most crowdfunding projects are modest in their goals, and Justin Massion will go over the basic steps of how to raise your first $10K.

During our crowdfunding course certification program, students learn how to prepare and design their crowdfunding campaigns and how to tell their story in their pitch videos. So now we’ll dive into the details of what it takes to practically run that campaign so that you’re hitting dollar milestones according to dates.

1. How to garner pre-pledges of at least 25%-50% before the launch date

2. How to get your first $1K?

3. How to gather momentum from $1K – $5K?

4. How to get over the halfway point?

5. How to successfully reach your goal when you’re almost there?

6. How to go after stretch goals to help you exceed your $10K goal.

You might be surprised to learn that part of the best practices for crowdfunding means telling your story every day in new ways, often to new audiences. Justin’s crowdfunding course will help you consider how to tell your story daily to your current backers and to new potential pledge supporters.

We hope that Justin’s new crowdfunding course which includes crowdfunding strategies and crowdfunding tips on practically executing your campaign can help you reach your goal of $10K to get your next project or idea off the ground!

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Written by Michael Tringe

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