Crowdfund Marketing 101: Pitches and One-Liners

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You want to make a great first impression if people are going to buy into your project. No matter how many people you bring it to, no matter how many views you get on your page, it all boils down to how you design your pitch and one-liner.

• Pitch Basics – You want your pitch to be on point – to be energetic, passionate, and resonate the fundamentals of what you hope to accomplish. However, you need be sure that whatever you say is smooth to listen to because your donors’ eyes will glaze over otherwise. I’ve found that one way to get useful feedback is to pitch to people whom you already know at the beginning of your campaign. They are more likely to be honest with you because they are invested from a personal perspective. Your crowdfund marketing will benefit more from one honest comment than one hundred lack-luster responses.

• Spread the Word – Another thing you can do to make sure your crowdfund marketing uses all of its advantages is to talk to everyone about it. This might seem like an obvious move, but there is always some business or social circle that you are not thinking of. Someone there very might well be the key you are looking for. By getting everyone you know to be ready for your campaign, they will be more familiar with it once it gains momentum. This is the phase of the pitching process where you figure out how to tweak it to get your pitch and one-liner just right.

• Practice Makes Perfect – Your pitch delivery will benefit if you practice on a friend so that you get used to asking for money. I’m not going to lie, it can be really awkward at first, but it needs to be done if you’re going to get anywhere past the drawing board. While you’re practicing, keep in mind what sounds good and what doesn’t in order to optimize your crowdfund marketing. Feel free to make as many changes as you want to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Pitches and one-liners are a subtle art not be taken lightly. Nothing can make or break a project faster than your first impression, so be ready, be confident and let it happen.

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