How to Create Your Own Viral Lip-dub Music Video

Posted on: by Jackie Celona

When you listen to a song, can you picture a story, location, or idea in your head? Do you love how music videos make a song come to life? This course will take you through the steps to create your own viral lip-dub music video!

I have been a YouTube creator for six years now and have gained a following of over 125,000 subscribers. My Want U Back music video currently has over 11 million views.

I will share my secrets of how I first started my channel and take you through the journey of how it became a huge success. In order to achieve subscribers and fans, the first step is to create great content. Creating great content is more than just sitting in front of your webcam – adding some production value can make a huge difference.

There are many important elements that go into creating your own lip-dub music video. In this course, I will walk you through the process starting with the most important step: song selection. Choosing which song you want to create your video to is crucial. Current songs will probably get the most views, but you never want to just pick a song based on popularity. It is important to go into your production with a specific plan and idea in mind. Just jumping into something without a plan very rarely works out.

My goal of this course is to guide you through your production and make sure you are prepared in each part of the production process but to also inspire you to create great content. I want you to be motivated and excited to create your very own lip-dub music video!

While developing this course I am always keeping you, the student, in mind. I’m excited to share my tips and secrets that I have learned over the years with you but I’d also love to hear any specific areas you would like me to focus on during this course as well as any questions you would like to be answered!

Written by Jackie Celona

Jackie Celona is currently a senior at Ithaca College, majoring in Cinema Production and minoring in Business Administration. She is a YouTube partner and her channel, jrcpr0ductions, now has over 40 million video views. Jackie is a Production/Marketing Intern at CreatorUp for Summer 2014.

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