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My VidCon Experience: Seeing Through the Crowds


Being involved with VidCon was an eye-opening experience. When you first enter, it mostly seems like teenage fans flocking to their favorite YouTube star.  However there is more to VidCon than just the adoring fans and the YouTube sensations. It’s about engaging in this exciting and different community. There are people from all walks of life that go for the amazing workshops VidCon has to offer. One of these panels was the Creating Awesome Content. (more…)

Awarding Creativity by Lizz Marshall

Often, creativity goes unrecognized in a classroom setting. However, when creative talents are rewarded, student can feel encouraged to go above and beyond. CreatorUp has a unique system for recognizing the talents and accomplishments of students: badges. Virtual badges are awarded through Credly and have specific criteria that must be met in order to earn badges. “CreatorUp badges are measures of progress and experience in digital storytelling and video content creation. They serve as a stamp of approval for completing courses and tasks in order to showcase progress to outsiders. Badges are used to make our student’s work feel meaningful for themselves as well as potential employers” (via Corie Bain). (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips Success Story – The Most Beautiful Glass

crowdfunding tips

Want to crowdfund your idea without an existing huge fan following? No problem. Of course it’s not that easy, but our student Yalcin Coban is a designer who has successfully crowdfunded his gorgeously designed multi-purpose cocktail, tea, coffee, and dessert glass – also known as “the most beautiful glass.” He more than doubled his goal of £9,500 ($15,494) to reach £20,878 ($34,054) without a huge Facebook following, almost no blogs writing about him, and not being a Kickstarter staff pick,. So how did he do it? (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Loving Vincent

crowdfunding tips

If you’ve ever had the chance to see a Vincent Von Gogh painting, you know there’s something extraordinarily emotional about the experience. The painting pulls you into his world – and “Loving Vincent” by filmmaker Hugh Welchman and director Dorota Kobiela will be a film that does the same. Dorota Kobiela, both a filmmaker and a painter, was inspired to tell this story by combining her love of both mediums. One of the biggest challenges has been converting positive reactions into pledges. Here’s a look at the campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: ModaCine International Film Festival

crowdfunding tips

Even if you don’t fully understand the world of fashion, you might be curious to learn more about who is involved and how it all works. ModaCine seeks to educate and inspire us by holding a festival centered around fashion and film, as a way to bring local designers to a global audience. Creator Warren Difranco was inspired by great fashion films and a desire to showcase them to a broader audience. One of the biggest challenges has been demonstrating the scope of everything this project could be. Here’s a look at the campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Rubber Duck

crowdfunding tips

Have your good deeds ever been foiled? Rubber Duck by sixteen-year-old filmmaker Max Tobin will have fun with this theme in creating a young vigilante character. One of the biggest challenges has been estimating the goal and funding, and one of his most successful strategies has been his video. Here’s a look at the campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: The New Boy

crowdfunding tips

Have you ever liked someone but not been able to tell them? The New Boy is a story about fantasy and reality. But also it asks how do we get to know people now in the age social media where all the facts and details about that person might just be available online anyway. Should we bother even saying hello? The New Boy will be a feature film that looks deeper into the idea of looking, longing, and getting to know someone new. The filmmaker Christine Lalla was inspired to tell a really good story on a small budget. One of the biggest challenges has been finding potential backers, and one of her most successful strategies has been reaching out to contacts in the film world. Here’s a look at the campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Eleven

crowdfunding tips

Do you remember what it’s like to be eleven? Whether you’re a soccer fan or not – if you’re a fan of stories that bring our world together – this film is for you. Eleven kids, eleven filmmakers, eleven countries. The filmmakers were inspired to bring this story to us to challenge racial and social discrimination which has become commonplace especially in the international soccer world. One of the biggest challenges has been to go global, and one of their most successful strategies has been to get public figures involved. Here’s a look at their campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: The Minstrel… RealTalk RealStories

crowdfunding tips

If you’ve ever listened to music at a church service, you know that the musicians who play that music have and hear some pretty incredible stories. “The Minstrel…Real Talk, Real Stories” reveals these stories beyond the bricks of the church in a film. Jamale is a fifth generation church musician whose idea was inspired to bring a wider audience to our church musicians. One of the biggest challenges of his campaign is getting people to stop and listen, and one of his most successful strategies has been finding like minded musicians to help spread the word. Here’s a look at his campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Demon Legacy

crowdfunding tips

If you are a true indie horror genre fan, this might be your next movie outing. The Demon Legacy team is done shooting, but they’re looking to finish post. Here’s a look at their campaign – what’s working, and what could be improved to help them hit their goal. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: The Tetris Challenge

crowdfunding tips

Have you ever done something amazing and had no witnesses? The Tetris Challenge is a film conceived by Helen Stephens that will document the ultimate triumph of any Game Boy geek – getting above 205 lines – and ultimately finding the UK Tetris Champ. The cooler thing is that the campaign will also go towards creating a Tetris Championship. Helen’s idea was inspired by the film King of Kong. One of her biggest challenges with her campaign was making the pitch video, and one of her most successful strategies has been reaching out to retro gamers. Here’s a look at her campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Sogni

crowdfunding tips

What scares you more than anything? The short film to be by Jordan Chetelat was inspired by a nightmare she had about waking up to find her infant daughter dead. One of her biggest challenges with their campaign has been getting media attention, and here’s a window into her campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Hadeas

crowdfunding tips

Have you ever seen someone do something so horrible or thought something so awful yourself that you wished you could erase it from your memory? Hadeas will be a short film that explores the nature of horrible human thoughts and actions, in a story linked together with three characters by a single object: a rock. The team led by Randy May was inspired to explore a complex human theme using the camera as a tool to dig deeper. Their biggest challenge with their campaign has been maintaining momentum, and their biggest success has been regular updates to fans. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Bent

crowdfunding tips

Have you ever been so hungry you ate the expired cereal in your cupboard? This isn’t the Hunger Games or Ender’s Game, but this short will take that theme a step further by looking at the lengths we go to (and depths we dive to) when placed in dire circumstances. Filmmaker Rodney Llavarias has made a beautiful short film before, and he was inspired to make Bent by the script, but driving traffic to the campaign has been a challenge. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Justice Incarcerated

crowdfunding tips

Justice Incarcerated tackles a tough issue in the American legal system — why are so many innocent people convicted to life in jail. Is it an issue of race? Or class? Dean Mongan hopes to expose the details of this issue in a documentary – and was inspired by a letter he received from the suspected victim in this case: Fred Freeman. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: Stygian

crowdfunding tips

We’ve all seen Westerns – but Stygian by Josh Garvin shows a character on the brink of death in a bright desert landscape with no shadows. Moving beyond friends and family has been a challenge, but audiences are responding to the honest tone of the campaign. (more…)

Crowdfunding Tips: The Story of the DJ

crowdfunding tips

Have you had your life touched by a DJ? Chances are you have. From school dances to Friday night out – we’ve all danced or heard their beats and picks. We heard from DJ Zimmie who wanted to tell the true history of DJs. A Possible challenge for the campaign is converting likes to pledges, and a success has been being personal in the impersonal world of social media. Supported by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff. (more…)


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