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Vine Draws! An Animating Discussion with Vine Artist Mike Bennett.

If someone asked you about Vine, your first reaction would probably be: “Oh that app with the funny six-second videos?” Sure, Vine is home to a lot of great creators making hilarious content, like Aaron Chewning and Victor Pope Jr. But if you really explore Vine, you will find a vast community of creators making a whole range of content, and supporting one another. Enter the talented Mike Bennet. (more…)

Learn to Perfect Your Script Rewrites – Guest Blogger Chris Hadley, creator of The Late, Late News

I’ve always tried to keep up with current events. Yet, I’ve also held a lifelong fascination with journalism, especially broadcast news. Of course, current events, and the seemingly overhyped coverage of those stories by network and cable news, has been an endless source of comedic material for both actors and writers (late night talk shows, Saturday Night Live, etc.) That’s what inspired me to create my web series, The Late, Late News.

Here is  my process for both conceiving, writing and rewriting a typical episode, plus some valuable tips on how you can further enhance the rewriting process on your script. (more…)

How to Tell a Story to Build a Community

How to Tell a Story to Build a Community

OVERVIEW: Do you need to build a following, but are not sure how to tell your story to grow your community? Learn how to tell a story that will help others relate to you and your mission to take action.


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