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Raising That First 10,000 Views

So you want to obtain viewers for your channel. Isn’t that the point of YouTube? To make content, then have it watched? Some make videos for themselves or their friends or family. But some creators want more. You want to go above and beyond. You have made something that they feel needs to be seen by a wide-range of people. Only problem is, you don’t know 10,000 people. However social media can be used in raising that first 10,000 views, and perhaps more. (more…)

How Viral Marketing Launched a Successful Startup: REP Interactive


You’ve heard of using videos to grow a business, but what is viral marketing and how could it help you actually launch your business? Learn from Steve Gatena, CEO of REP Interactive, who launched his startup with a viral video and now works with major corporate clients like Coldwell Banker on their video marketing strategy. (more…)


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