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How to Create a Game Design

create a game design

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or video creator who loves the interactive storytelling elements of gaming, an avid gamer, or just interested in the topic of creating games – there are some basic game design elements that you will need to master before you create your own game design. So how can you create a game design based on your own ideas? (more…)

How to Livestream on YouTube

Livestreaming on YouTube

Livestreaming on YouTube is a great way to serve and grow your audience. Join our new teacher, YouTube livestreaming professional Ben Stovall, who will show you how to get started streaming your own content live on YouTube. (more…)

Voiceover Techniques – Making Money on the Mic

Did you know the voices that you hear on radio and television commercials are called voice overs? It’s a fun and creative world that revolves around your voice, a script, and a microphone! Voice over is a dynamic and flexible industry. You can do it full time, in your spare time, or as a hobby. Either way, you’ll need dedication, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed.


5 Video Contest Tips on How to Make a Winning Video


If you’ve ever seen a video contest and wondered if it was worth your time to apply – it’s worth noting that a lot of filmmakers are able to get their careers started by creating some of these spec commercials with bigger brands – but there’s a right and a wrong way to approach them if you want to get noticed or even win. (more…)

How to Make a Commercial Video – New Curriculum

We’re excited to announce our upcoming course series “Producing the Digital Commercial” (aka how to make a commercial video) as part of our new working in digital entertainment track. So for any filmmakers or YouTubers looking to shoot their first spec ad to seasoned filmmakers starting their own production companies aiming to work with brands, our teachers are giving you the knowledge and tools you need. (more…)

How To Create a Fundraising Video – Live Lab in LA

How to Create a Fundraising Video - Live Lab in LA

CreatorUp is excited to team up with our teacher Steph Belsky of Lucid, a video content consultancy, to bring up to ten non-profits in the Los Angeles area an opportunity to get free hands on help making a fundraising video that will help them meet their annual fundraising goal. Here’s why we’re offering the scholarships for the workshop, what it is, and how it works. (more…)


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