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CreatorUp Branded Content Accelerator – Winter Programs


CreatorUp is excited to announce its third branded content accelerator program in collaboration with Zooppa – where creators have the chance to work directly with an entertainment professional teacher and each other to make awesome branded content commercial projects for big established brands like Pabst Blue Ribbon and our indie track highlighting new startups FreshStax, and Waitlistr. (more…)

Branding Yourself 101 By Nathaniel Bear

how to make money with branded content

Branding is important. Like, really important. Like, more important than anyone realizes important, but what is it exactly? Take a look at the FedEx logo. Notice the outline of an arrow between the E and the X? That is branding. That is FedEx telling their customers what they do. They get things from one place to another. Another great example of good branding is the Amazon logo. Notice how Amazon has an arrow in their logo pointing from the A to the Z. This is a very subtle cue where Amazon is stating that they have, “everything from A to Z.” Color and shape are also key facets of good branding. You want the colors to match the feel you are going for with your brand and you want the shape of your branding to be very simple while still being interesting.


Exporting Your Final Content By Nathaniel Bear

Ok. Congratulations, you’ve now finished editing your video. You have some great transition and catchy sound effects. You are incredibly proud of this project, but now you are stuck. How do you distribute your creation? Youtube and Vimeo are great places to upload (and possibly monetize) your videos. In order to upload your videos to these sorts of video streaming sites, the specifications of your video export are incredibly important. You want to be sure that anyone who watches your video is watching the best quality of your video. If you do not export your video with specific specs, your video may load painfully slow or the aspect ratio may be slightly off. The most important specs for exporting your final content are: frame size, frame rate, codec, container, and bitrate.


Qualities of a Great Editor By Nathaniel Bear

Let’s face it, editing a video is an incredibly daunting task. Shooting the video can be as easy as setting up a camera and a couple of lights, but editing the video is a much more technical process. This is why you will need to become or hire a great editor and we can help you learn all the qualities of a great editor. You will need to learn how to properly utilize a non-linear editing (NLE) program to tell your story in the most succinct and sensible manner. The biggest NLE softwares in use today are Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. Even with student pricing, these programs can be very expensive, but poor college students rejoice! There are free editing softwares you can utilize, and they are easy to use! (more…)


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