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Someone Wake Him Up: The Delightfully Weird Vine Account and Karoke Dreams of Aaron Chewning

A teeball coach makes an artsy Vine. A son tries to tell his Dad some jokes before being interrupted with some grave news before the punchline. A beautiful Coldplay song…to the image of Guy Fieri. These are just some of the many wonderfully weird, mainstream-90’s rock-filled, and strangely funny six-second pieces Aaron Chewning has given the Vine community. (more…)

Writing a Sci-Fi Web Series Like a Pro

Sci-Fi isn’t just limited to movies and books, a sci-fi web series is completely justifiable. The genre of science-fiction is unique because it features a whole new world straight from an author’s imagination. Yet, we the audience somehow still magically perceive that world as a new reality. For instance, we don’t have any difficulties accepting the world of machines when we watch the Terminator series. But this magical perceiving process is not done by accident. To be writing a sci-fi web series like a pro, you’ll need to write with concrete details and have a solid logic behind the story. (more…)

How to Make Vines Like a Director

This week, our students for our Summer Accelerator Program were given a challenge: to make a six-second video that summed up their project. This proved more difficult than it looks for the students, some have never even heard of what a Vine was until that night! Luckily, they learned how to make Vines like a director. (more…)

Become a Director of Digital Commercials

Being a director of anything can be extremely frightening, and digital commercials are no exception. To become a director of digital commercials, you have to be adept at overseeing your team, have a clear idea of your goals, and good time management. It is vital to have a clear idea of the path forward in order to enjoy the success of a well-done project. (more…)

What if Taco Bell Sold TVs? An Interview with Vine Comedian Victor Pope Jr.

Since it first started, Vine has been an interesting outlet for creators: create something with only six seconds. The result has produced some amazing content like, most notably, comedy. Comedians such as Bo Burnham, Will Sasso, and Chris D’Elia have all utilized Vine at one point.  The app has come and go in terms of popularity, but if anything, Vine contains a vault of hidden treasures. The quick-format has challenged creators to be original and stand-out. Creators can tell a joke just by having a conversation…with themselves. Instead of an expensive camera, gathering friends as actors, and a written script, people are simply using their phones and themselves. One Vine features a customer asking the waiter to send his compliments to the chef, only having the waiter give the chef a literal compliment. With one guy playing three characters (and we only know he’s the chef when he puts a towel on his head and holds a spatula), he’s generated close to 5 million loops on that one Vine alone. Meet stand-up comedian Victor Pope Jr. His perfectly-timed punch lines, his deadpan characters, and his popular “Taco Bell Employee” meetings have put him on the Vine radar with 317.3K followers, and he’s even been recognized on Buzzfeed. The Texas-based comedian was super cool enough to let me interview him to find out how he’s managed to become one of the funniest Vine comedians out there right now, and the secrets as to why his simply made Vines produce a not-so-simply sized audience.  (more…)

CreatorUp – The Digital Storytelling Academy


Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe how far we’ve come in just the last couple years from our first four video tutorial courses on making web series as an online film school, to certification programs and a full digital entertainment curriculum of over 30 courses and 6 live classes as a digital storytelling academy. If you don’t know much about us, I’m excited to share everything we have to offer creative people all over the world, and some exciting new announcements. (more…)

How I Learned to Tell My Story

I always doubted that I could successfully tell my story. When taking the storytelling course through CreatorUp, I learned that I wasn’t alone. Michael Kass often works with clients who say, “I don’t know how to tell my story. Where would I even start? I wouldn’t know how to begin, let alone end my story.” Once the client has finished confessing their skepticism, Michael calmly points out, “You’re telling me a story right now.” (more…)

How Viral Marketing Launched a Successful Startup: REP Interactive


You’ve heard of using videos to grow a business, but what is viral marketing and how could it help you actually launch your business? Learn from Steve Gatena, CEO of REP Interactive, who launched his startup with a viral video and now works with major corporate clients like Coldwell Banker on their video marketing strategy. (more…)

How to Create a Game Design

create a game design

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or video creator who loves the interactive storytelling elements of gaming, an avid gamer, or just interested in the topic of creating games – there are some basic game design elements that you will need to master before you create your own game design. So how can you create a game design based on your own ideas? (more…)


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