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Kicking Off the Summer Accelerator Program by Lizz Marshall


CreatorUp’s Summer Accelerator Program has officially kicked off! What does this program entail? Fast-paced pre-production, production, post production instruction, supplemented by weekly workshops with industry professionals. This includes strategic and hands-on planning for an indie or commercial project, as well as lessons from the CreatorUp course library and awesome field trips. (more…)

3 Digital Media Elements Driving Learning Connections

digital media learning

I recently had the chance to attend the Digital Media Learning Conference 2015, and it was just as powerful and exciting as I had hoped it would be. The core theme, equity, underlined the necessity for digital media integration into educational experiences to create learning connections, ranging across areas including digital storytelling, coding and storytelling, and digital badging. (more…)

5 Digital Media Education Trends from SXSWEdu 2015


This was my third SXSWEdu – and here are some of my top five takeaways in the world of digital media and education. There’s a lot of angst around the term digital – like it’s getting in the way somehow of learning. But to sum it all up – we might say that educators are working hard but have a long ways to go to empower new student voices with the tools they need to be heard, to be seen, and to make an impact both in the digital and real world around them. (more…)

Video is a Powerful Teaching Tool for Previously “Unteachable” Subjects


How can you engage students inside and outside the classroom in a world that’s flooded with digital distractions? Show up on their phones. Contribute to the conversation with something to say that speaks the language of students living in around the world of social media – video. We recently partnered with Feather River College to develop a soft skills in the work place video curriculum for the New World of Work, and we premiered the video lessons at the annual conference for the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship in Arizona this year. (more…)

Water, Power, Stories: Your Netflix Just Got Cut

net neutrality over

Cord cutters just got their cords cut.  Remember getting a bad DVD that skipped or waiting three days for a movie or getting a DVD lost in the mail?  We’re going back to that.  We’ve come to expect equal access to Internet usage at a fair price and services like Netflix and its full library of stories.  But just when you were starting to enjoy the luxury of this 21st Century utility – what does no more Net Neutrality mean for you and your access to stories (or online education for that matter)? (more…)

Media Literacy Lesson Plans from 9 Platinum Standards – URI Digital Media Summit

Media Literacy Lesson Plans

I recently had the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of individuals working in all aspects of digital media, in thinking about the future of digital media literacy at the URI Digital Media Summit – and here are some ideas for media literacy lesson plans taken from nine platinum standards of digital media literacy interpreted from our dialogue. (more…)

Discussing Comedy Timing with my Students

I was on the phone last night with my students Marco and Farren who’d just completed their first pass on a cut of their web series. I was giving my round of notes to the editor, Marco, after doing a sit down with Farren, the series Creator on Tuesday night. The two had been living in a bubble with this project and needed an extra pair of eyes to make sure that the laughter was still there…..after looking and living with this project for so many months.



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